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Transversions 2. Digitally recorded and mixed by Joel Hurd in the studios of North Country Public Radio, July, 2004. 2004. Colibrí Records.

Excerpts from Transversions 2:

Track #6: The Clay Pots. (1:10). Steven F. White. "Naumu," Marlui Miranda, Ihu: Todos os sons. 1995 Pau Brasil Som Imagem e Editora Ltda. and "Untitled," (Richard D. James). Aphex Twin, Selected Ambient Works, vol. 2, Disc 1, Track 1. 1994. Sire Records Company. · mp3 file· wave file

Track #16: Oil & Consciousness (1:47). Steven F. White. "Anthem," (Hendrix/Haimovitz) Matt Haimovitz, Anthem, 2003 Oxingale Records and "IV," Vidna Obmana, And I'll Be the Wind, 2003 Soleilmoon Recordings. · mp3 file · wave file

Track #19: Coatlicue (1:06). Steven F. White. "Three Reptiles Wait at the Opening to the Underworld," Steve Roach, The Lost Pieces, 1993 Soundquest Music.
mp3 file · wave file