Culture & Politics in Nicaragua: Testimonies of Poets and Writers. New York: Lumen Books, 1986. (Interviews with Introduction, Commentary and Bibliography).

"This little volume of encounters with Nicaraguan writers by Steven White (a young American translator and poet) gets beyond daily headlines about ideological feuds and contra raids and helps bring alive for U. S. readers the cultural ferment in that embattled nation. White's translations of these spirited conversations and the interspersed samples of poetry are idiomatic, lively and smooth."
Gene H. Bell-Villada, In These Times

"El libro de White demuestra que la tierra de Darío y Sandino es el país que tiene más y mejores poetas en toda la región centroamericana."
Wellington Rojas, El Diario Austral

"The collage on the cover of this book captures in a glance what the anthology accomplishes in its detailed and multifaceted pages: a snapshot of the Nicaraguan intelligentsia at one moment in its turbulent yet vital history."
Uri Hertz, L. A. Weekly