Undergraduate Senior Statistics Abstracts

St. Lawrence University(Click here for links to other mathematics abstracts at St. Lawrence)

Jasper Burch (2008) "Fiscal Policy and Growth: The Case of Puerto Rico"

Meaghan Cahill (2008) "Testing the Assumptions: A Simulation Study Monitoring the Effects of Manipulating Regression and Statistical Inference Assumptions"

Joe Cleary (2008) "Using Stein Estimation to Predict Performance"

Laura Daley (2008) "Chance vs. Skill: Assessing Shootouts in the NHL"

Brent Davis (2008) "Analyzing Queueing Models and an Issue of Independence"

Kristen Ehringer (2008) "The Price is Right: Using Monte Carlo Simulation to Price Stock Options"

Andrew Ford (2008) "Estimating Atypical Baseball Career Trajectories"

Jared Fostveit (2008) "Madness of March: More Predictable Than Golf?"

Eloise Hilarides (2008) "Using Weighting Schemes to Account for Coverage Bias in Internet Surveys"

Jeboah Joerg (2008) "Modeling Volatility in Today’s Marketplace"

Victor Kai-Rogers (2008) "Measuring the Effects of 9/11: Intervention Models in Time Series"

Ryan Kimber (2008) "Who's Really Better? Comparing American and Latin American Baseball Players"

Rob LaMere (2008) "Estimating Win Probabilities Based on Betting Lines for Sporting Events"

Royce Lawrence (2008) "Bowling and the Hot Hand"

Dennis Lock (2008) "Beyond +/-: A Rating System to Compare NHL Players"

Sarah MacFarland (2008) "The Effects of Marriage on Spousal Happiness & Well-Being"

Peter McGoldrick (2008) "Analysis of Basketball Statistics and Midseason NBA Trades"

Nikolay Naletov (2008) "Investment Risk Measurement: Approaches to Risk Measurement"

Jamie Wolff (2008) "Performance vs. Pick: A Study of the NBA Draft"

Nick Alena (2007) "Linear Discriminant Analysis"

Dustin Cidorwich (2007) "Analysis of NFL 'Draft Pick Value Chart'"

Yordan Minev (2007) "ROC Confidence Region Using Radial Sweep"

Julie Muetterties (2007) "Methods for Comparing Two Survival Curves"

Julia Palmateer (2007) "Assessing Ratings Methods for College Hockey Teams"

Jeff DiGeronimo (2006) "A Hitter's Salary Through Statistical Analysis of Past Performance"

Raluca Dragusanu (2006) "Autoregressive Conditional Heteroscedasctic Models"

Travis Gingras (2006) "Applications of a Graphical Information System to Ice Hockey "

Jim Hall (2006) "Investigating the Effectiveness of Bootstrap Confidence Intervals "

Robin Hanson (2006) "Statistical Analysis of CHIME Data: Relationships Involving Heart Rate Variability"

Emily Sheldon (2006) "Sequential Analysis for the Beta-Binomial"

Joshua White (2006) " Predicting a Pitcher’s Salary Using Statistical Techniques"

Hillary Hartson (2005) "Sequential Testing"

Jeff Homer (2005) "Rating Systems for College Football with Turnovers"

Nikki Lopez (2005) "Analysis of Biometric Authentication Match Scores"

Petya Madzharova (2005) "Time Series Analysis of Music"

Matt Norton (2005) "Wilson Approximate Confidence Intervals"

Travis Atkinson (2004) "Approximate Confidence Interval Estimation for Beta-binomial Proportions of Biometric Identification Devices"

Katie Livingstone (2004)  "Modelling Disease: Mathematics in Epidemiology and Applications to the SARS Virus"

Whitney Browne (2004)  "The Price Sensitivity Exhibited by Admitted St. Lawrence Students"

Noelle Laing (2003) "The Mathematical Theory Behind the Capital Asset Pricing Model"

Dennis Leahy (2003) "Random Graphs"

Justin Roth (2002) "Survival Analysis: Finding and Fitting a Model"

Sarah Auer (2000) "Using Environmental Data and Fathom Software to Teach Statistical Concepts"

Sharon Rohloff (1999) "Markov Chains"

Peter Fellows (1996) "Classification of the 1995 Blowdown in the Adirondack Park Using PCA and MIA with LANDSTAT TM Data"

Karen Fischer (1995) "Statistical Models of Horse Racing"

Sumeet Wadhera (1994) "Mathematical Modelling: A Study of the Transmission of HIV Infection and AIDS"

Matthew Griffin (1992) "Logistic Regression"

Lisa King (1992) "Efficient Methods of Permutation Testing with an Application to a Test for Correlation"

Westminster College
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Heather Klink (2003) "SET and All Its Glory

Chris Madjesky (2003) "Markov Chains and the SORRY! Board Game"

Joshua Caplinger (2003) "Activity Networks"

Kevin Culp (2003) "Strategy for NCAA College Football Overtime Games"

Merideth McCaskey (2001) "Seeding Teams in the Men's 2001 NCAA Basketball Tournament"

Amy Vaccari (2001) "Routing of School Buses by Computer"

Pomona College

Joseph Richards (2005) "Classification of Geologic Units on Ganiki Planitia Quadrangle (V14) Venus Using Statistical Clustering Methods

Lee Strassenburg (2005) "A Statistical Comparison of the Average Waiting Times Between Flares in Lupus Patients"

Veronica Montes De Oca (2003) "Methods for Analyzing Health Care Claims Data"

Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo

Anne Louise Humphrey (2005) "Expected Value of Sample Information"

Amanda King (2005) "Survey of Statistical Background and Habits of California Secondary Mathematics Teachers"

Nick Magill (2005) "Is There a Better Way to Play the World Series?"

Aaron Quan (2005) "Parity and Competitive Balance in Professional Sports"

Colleen Kreutner (2003) "Investigating Extensions of the Secretary Problem"

David Schumann (2003) "Baseball's Pythagorean Theorem"


Smith College

Eugenia Kim (2006) "A Cautionary Note Regarding Count Models of Alcohol Consumption in Randomized Controlled Trials"

Ashley Smith (2006) "Statistical Methods for Hearing Research"

Mariel Finucane (2005) "Incomplete-Data Regression Models for Longitudinal Studies of HIV/AIDS"

Suzanne Switzer (2005) "The Increasing Sophistication of Statistical Methods in The New England Journal of Medicine"

Emily Shapiro (2004) "Statistical Sleuthing During Epidemics: Maternal Influenza and Schizophrenia"

Linjuan Qian (2004) "Use of R as a Toolbox for Mathematical Statistics Exploration"

SUNY Fredonia

Danielle Sullivan (2007) "Simulation of the Ripley Toll Station"

Gabrielle Fijas (2006) " Investigation of Ranges in the Uniform and Exponential Distributions "

Katie Carutis (2005) "Arrive, WAIT, and Process"

Grinnell College

Yvonne Palm and Tue To (2005) "Estimating Asthma Prevalence Rates in the United States"

Lin Ji and Demetrio Rojas (2005) "A Geographical Approach to Analyzing Student Admission Patterns"


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