Peer Review Form for Projects (Beth Chance/Anne Sevin)

Project Team:_____________________________ Reviewer:________________________

Instructions for peer reviewer:

First read through the report, then answer the questions below. As you answer each question, reread the relevant section of the report. Think carefully about each question before you answer it. You may want to attach additional pages.

Remember that the goal of this peer review is to assist your classmates in doing the best possible project. Try to make constructive and useful suggestions. If you think the authors did something well, say so. Do not be overly picky.

Think about what kinds of comments you want your peer reviewer to make about your report so that you can do a good job (and get a better grade) on your own project.


  1. Did the group do a good job of describing the project goal/question to be answered? Why/why not?
  2. Did the group clearly describe the population they are trying to describe? Why/why not?
  3. Did the group do a good job of selecting a representative sample? Why or why not? Are there any possible sources of selection bias which could make the sample atypical or nonrepresentative of the population? Did the group make any provisions for how they intend to deal with possible biases?
  4. Did the group do a good job of describing the design of their survey or experiment? Why or why not? Are there possible sources of bias?
  5. If a copy of the questionnaire was included, were the questions worded so that they would not be misinterpreted? Were clear definitions of all terms given? If not, explain.
  6. Do you see any potential biases in how the measurements will be taken? What precautions does the group need to make? Do you believe that the data they plan to collect will be relevant to the objectives of the project? Why or why not?