Links We Like

A collection of links of interest to STATS participants

M&M Proportions

American Universities - A page of links to college pages

Green Bay Packers

Elementary Statistics Laboratory An article on a good lab manual that uses Minitab.

National Square Dance (1997) National Square Dance (2000)

US News College Data - Documentation and US News College Data

Cheddar Cheese Story (DASL)

Alcohol and Tobacco Story (DASL)

Russian Stocks

Relocation Salary Calculator How much would you need to make if you moved to .....?

Phone Directory Nationwide white pages look-up for phone numbers and addresses.

Tennis Stats

Tobacco Consumption Statistics

Census Data

Colorado Lottery Data

NASS - National Agricultural Statistics Service

Math Quotes - Randomly generated "Quote of the Day"

Unusual Episode Article (JSE dataset)

Interactive Probability Windows simulation software (with goat/door problem)

Internet Resources for Research and Teaching