Handout Checklist: STATS Workshop UOP June 9-16, 1996

I made this informal list to keep track of the handouts. (Please excuse my lack of consistency in capitalization, etc.) You might be interested in using it to see if you have everything. If you're missing something, ask me to show you the stack of extra handouts. Bring me a disk to get a copy of Robin's and Jon's computer files. Tell me whether you need IBM or Mac. Let's get clear by Sat. noon what all you need for me to do, so I have time to do it!

-- Mary

Handouts already given as of noon Friday:

  1. Mary's project handout Sun pm
  2. Jon's handout: STATS Workshop Mon am
  3. Beth/Anne's Peer Review questions (also on Web) Mon am
  4. Jon's list of topics on Decisions through Data videotapes Mon aft
  5. Ray Crain's handout on consulting Mon pm
  6. Jon's handout on computing formulas Tue am
  7. Jon's handout on Prediction and Estimation Tue am
  8. Jon's handout entitled MINITAB Macros Tue pm
  9. Jon's handout entitled Selected Macro listings Tue pm
  10. Jon's handout entitled Computing Activities Tue pm
  11. Jon's handout on random rectangles -- two sheets (student and inst) Tue aft.
  12. Jon's handout on two-sample t Wed am
  13. Robin's handout on course syllabi Wed aft
  14. Robin's handout on Least Squares Regression Line via Minitab Wed pm
  15. Robin's handout on simple linear regression calcs Thur am
  16. Robin's handout on simulation: simple linear regression Thur am (inadvertently omitted on printed version of this)
  17. Mary's handout: Projects -- Thursday Thur am-pm
  18. Beth's handout on Activities-Based Statistics Thur pm
  19. Beth's handout on Lab Exercises Thur pm
  20. Robin's handout on simulation 2 Thur pm
  21. Robin's handout on scatterplot matrix Thur pm
  22. Robin's handout about projects Thur pm
  23. Robin's handout on in-class data collection, pulse rate Fri am
  24. Robin's handout on correlation and multiple regr. Fri am
  25. Robin's handout Project 3 Simple and Multiple Linear Regression Fri am

Planned handouts (we could still change these)

  1. Robin's handout on Minitab session -- Multiple regression
  2. Robin's handout on Simulation -- Multiple regression
  3. Robin's handout Example: Effects of multicollinearity
  4. Robin's handout (graph) Pulse rates
  5. Robin's handout (dataset) Income and Taxes
  6. Robin's handout (graphs) Studentized residuals
  7. Robin's handout Activity Anscombe data set
  8. Mary's handout on resources Fri
  9. Beth's handout on assessment Fri pm
  10. Beth's handout: Garfield article on Assessment in Stat Fri pm
  11. Beth's handout: Garfield article on How Students Learn Stat Fri pm

Books and articles provided:

  1. Moore, et. al.'s Perspectives on Contemporary Statistics
  2. Gordon and Gordon's Statistics for the Twenty-First Century
  3. Rossman's book Workshop Statistics
  4. Scheaffer, et. al.'s book Activity-Based Statistics
  5. Moore's book Basic Practice of Statistics
  6. Hand's book Handbook of Small Data Sets
  7. Witmer's book Data Analysis
  8. Cobb's article "Teaching Statistics"
  9. Garfield's article "Beyond Teaching and Learning"
  10. Folder of info on MINITAB (Student Edition to be shipped to you soon)