GAISE Reports

Participants in the Guidelines for Assessment and Instruction in Statistics Education (GAISE) project have created two reports of recommendations for introductory statistics courses (college level) and statistics education in PreK-12 years.

PreK-12 Report

A Curriculum Framework for PreK-12 Statistics Education

Full Report - February 2005 (click on the format of your choice)

GAISEPreK-12.htm (Online version)

GAISEPreK-12.pdf (PDF format)

GAISEPreK-12.doc (Word version)

Executive Summary

PreK-12Summary.htm (Online version)

PreK-12Summary.pdf (PDF format)

PreK-12Summary.doc (Word version)

GAISE PreK-12 group: Writers: Chris Franklin (Chair), Gary Kader, Denise Mewborn, Jerry Moreno, Roxy Peck, Mike Perry, Dick Scheaffer. Advisors: Peter Holmes, Cliff Konold, Susan Friel, Brad Hartlaub, Landy Godbold

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College Report


February 2005 (click on the format of your choice)

GAISECollege.htm (Online version)

GAISECollege.pdf (PDF format)

GAISECollege.doc (Word version)

Appendix (February 2005): Examples and illlustrations

GAISECollegeAppendix.htm (online HTML)

GAISECollegeAppendix.pdf (PDF format)

GAISECollegeAppendix.doc (Word format)

GAISE College Group: Martha Aliaga, George Cobb, Carolyn Cuff, Joan Garfield (Chair), Rob Gould, Robin Lock, Tom Moore, Allan Rossman, Bob Stephenson, Jessica Utts, Paul Velleman, and Jeff Witmer

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PowerPoint Slides from the GAISE Session at the 2004 Joint Statistics Meetings in Toronto

PreK-12GAISEJSM04.ppt - Chris Fraklin's summary of the PreK-12 report

CollegeGAISEJSM04.ppt - Robin Lock's summary of the College report

WilsonJM04.ppt - Pat Wilson's discussion of the GAISE reports

LandwehrJM04.ppt - Jim Landwehr's discussion of the GAISE reports