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Professional genealogy: Dr. Daniel W. Koon
Containing three Nobel Laureates (so far)

J. J. Thomson

Sir Joseph John ("J. J.") THOMSON
(12.18.1856 - 8.30.1940)
Nobel Prize, 1906 for discovering the electron
B.A.: Cambridge, 1880
PhD? Didn't need one.
Seven of his students went on to earn Nobel prizes, including...

Sir Owen Willans RICHARDSON (seated next to Niels Bohr)
(4.26.1879 - 2.15.1959)
Nobel Prize, 1928 for his work in thermionics

Karl Taylor COMPTON
(9.14.1887 - 6.22.1954)
President of MIT,
brother of Nobel Laureate Arthur Holly Compton
PhD: Princeton, 1911

Henry DeWolf SMYTH
(5.1.1898 - 1986)
PhD: Princeton, 1921
Author: Atomic Energy for Military Purposes ( commonly known as The Smyth Report)

Kenneth Tompkins BAINBRIDGE
(7.27.1904 - 7.14.1996)
PhD: Princeton, 1929: "A search for element 87 by analysis of positive rays"
Director of first atomic bomb blast: "Now we are all sons of bitches."

Edward Mills PURCELL
(8.30.1912 - 3.7.1997 )
Nobel Prize, 1952, with Felix Bloch for nuclear magnetic resonance
PhD: Harvard, 1938

Charles Pence SLICHTER
(1.21.1924 - )
APS Oliver E. Buckley Condensed Matter Prize, 1996
PhD: Harvard, 1949

Theodore Grant CASTNER
PhD: Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 1958

Daniel W. KOON
(Nobel pending)
PhD: Rochester, 1987

Many thanks to my advisor's advisor, Charles Slichter, for doing all the sleuthing.

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