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[IMG]01 Caribbean Clouds.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 238K
[IMG]02 Rosy sky above harbor.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 331K
[IMG]03 Rosy sky and the sea.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 320K
[IMG]04 Rosy sky and column along wall.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 402K
[IMG]05 Waves.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 307K
[IMG]11 UH Physics nude.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 278K
[IMG]12 UH Physics courtyard.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 274K
[IMG]13 UH Physics columns.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 321K
[IMG]14 IACPE VIII conferees milling.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 328K
[IMG]15 Physicists and posters.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 343K
[IMG]16 Lederman's Powerpoint.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 245K
[IMG]16 UH holography poster.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 152K
[IMG]17 Holography poster.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 223K
[IMG]20 Hotel Nacional.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 277K
[IMG]21 Hero pointing.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 236K
[IMG]22 Cannon.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 325K
[IMG]23 Sr Imperialista.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 297K
[IMG]24 Paz.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 331K
[IMG]25 Our arms are our ideas.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 330K
[IMG]26 44 yrs of Revolution.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 245K
[IMG]27 Playground art.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 296K
[IMG]30 Coco taxi.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 301K
[IMG]31 Coco taxi.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 340K
[IMG]32 trailing taxi.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 318K
[IMG]33 moto.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 344K
[IMG]34 Capitol.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 223K
[IMG]35 Capitol.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 220K
[IMG]36 Park S of Capitol.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 326K
[IMG]37 steps of Capitol.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 345K
[IMG]40 UH tree.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 253K
[IMG]41 UH building.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 294K
[IMG]41a UH Building.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 317K
[IMG]42 UH Alma Mater.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 219K
[IMG]43 Alma 2.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 225K
[IMG]44 Alma steps.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 253K
[IMG]45 Alma more steps.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 251K
[IMG]46 Alma all steps.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 231K
[IMG]47 UH near Sanguily.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 306K
[IMG]50 IACPE banquet.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 250K
[IMG]51 Physicists bustin a move.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 349K
[IMG]52 Physicists boogie.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 337K
[IMG]53 Physics conga line.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 248K
[IMG]60 Classic car.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 230K
[IMG]61 Classic car.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 304K
[IMG]61a Car.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 300K
[IMG]62 Camello.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 287K
[IMG]63 Wedding car.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 345K
[IMG]64 Wedding opening the door.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 246K
[IMG]65 The bride.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 242K
[IMG]66 Bridesmaids.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 350K
[IMG]70 Cathedral.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 339K
[IMG]71 Cathedral square.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 311K
[IMG]72 Cathedral square.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 291K
[IMG]73 Cathedral square.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 302K
[IMG]74 House in Old Havana.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 325K
[IMG]75 Old Havana.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 346K
[IMG]405 BVM.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:19 229K
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[IMG]TN_01 Caribbean Clouds.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 2.2K
[IMG]TN_02 Rosy sky above harbor.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 2.0K
[IMG]TN_03 Rosy sky and the sea.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.0K
[IMG]TN_04 Rosy sky and column along wall.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 2.4K
[IMG]TN_05 Waves.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.7K
[IMG]TN_11 UH Physics nude.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 2.1K
[IMG]TN_12 UH Physics courtyard.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 2.0K
[IMG]TN_13 UH Physics columns.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.5K
[IMG]TN_14 IACPE VIII conferees milling.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.6K
[IMG]TN_15 Physicists and posters.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.1K
[IMG]TN_16 Lederman's Powerpoint.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 1.9K
[IMG]TN_16 UH holography poster.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 2.0K
[IMG]TN_17 Holography poster.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 2.3K
[IMG]TN_20 Hotel Nacional.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.4K
[IMG]TN_21 Hero pointing.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.2K
[IMG]TN_22 Cannon.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.3K
[IMG]TN_23 Sr Imperialista.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.6K
[IMG]TN_24 Paz.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.2K
[IMG]TN_25 Our arms are our ideas.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.3K
[IMG]TN_26 44 yrs of Revolution.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 2.6K
[IMG]TN_27 Playground art.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.6K
[IMG]TN_30 Coco taxi.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 4.1K
[IMG]TN_31 Coco taxi.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.7K
[IMG]TN_32 trailing taxi.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 4.0K
[IMG]TN_33 moto.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 4.1K
[IMG]TN_34 Capitol.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.0K
[IMG]TN_35 Capitol.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 2.7K
[IMG]TN_36 Park S of Capitol.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 4.6K
[IMG]TN_37 steps of Capitol.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 4.3K
[IMG]TN_40 UH tree.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.1K
[IMG]TN_41 UH building.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.8K
[IMG]TN_41a UH Building.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.6K
[IMG]TN_42 UH Alma Mater.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.3K
[IMG]TN_43 Alma 2.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.6K
[IMG]TN_44 Alma steps.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.8K
[IMG]TN_45 Alma more steps.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.7K
[IMG]TN_46 Alma all steps.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 2.7K
[IMG]TN_47 UH near Sanguily.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 4.1K
[IMG]TN_50 IACPE banquet.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.8K
[IMG]TN_51 Physicists bustin a move.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.2K
[IMG]TN_52 Physicists boogie.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.5K
[IMG]TN_53 Physics conga line.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.4K
[IMG]TN_60 Classic car.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 2.9K
[IMG]TN_61 Classic car.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 4.2K
[IMG]TN_61a Car.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.2K
[IMG]TN_62 Camello.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.8K
[IMG]TN_63 Wedding car.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 4.6K
[IMG]TN_64 Wedding opening the door.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.5K
[IMG]TN_65 The bride.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.4K
[IMG]TN_66 Bridesmaids.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 4.2K
[IMG]TN_70 Cathedral.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.7K
[IMG]TN_71 Cathedral square.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 4.0K
[IMG]TN_72 Cathedral square.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.6K
[IMG]TN_73 Cathedral square.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 4.1K
[IMG]TN_74 House in Old Havana.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.6K
[IMG]TN_75 Old Havana.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.9K
[IMG]TN_405 BVM.JPG07-Aug-2003 09:20 3.1K
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