The Dreamers of Kaliria
Juan Pablo Noroña
(Translation: Daniel W. Koon)
Axxón 159, February 2006

The professional dreamers of Kaliria have developed a technique for producing dreams even while they are engaged in other matters. They isolate one section of their mind from the rest and focus it on developing a dream that they later sell. This autonomous portion is as highly trained in dreaming as the rest, and it requires only a few initial instructions. Meanwhile, this person can remain awake and active, with minimal impairment of his faculties. Of course, from time to time the dreamer interrupts to check on the progress of the project and on the health of that part of the brain. But some very greedy dreamers divide their brain up further in order to produce four or five dreams. Under these conditions it is difficult to maintain control over the quality of his dreams, and errors pile up, sometimes fatal ones. When this occurs and when it is not detected in time, it is possible for the poor fellow's head to split in two in the very public plaza where he is offering his wares, much to the shock of passersby.

Juan Pablo Noroña is on his way to being the most published writer in Axxón: "Hielo" (136), "Invitación" (140), "Obra maestra" (142), "Todos los boutros versus todos los hedren" (144), "Brecha en el mercado" (147), "Proyecto chancha bonita" (148), "Quimera" (149), "Náufragos" (152), "Pareja (155), "Shift" (157), "Cepas" (159).

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