Hydrogen research lab at CICIMA, University of Costa Rica
00 Overview of evaporator and instruments.JPG
Lab overview
01 Cryostat and rig in magnet.JPG
Rig in cryostat in magnet
02 Instrument rack.JPG
Instrument rack
03 Computer and monitors.JPG
Computer and monitors
04 Evaporator and controls.JPG
Evaporator and controls
05 Evaporator jar close.JPG
Evaporator bell jar
06 Samples pre evaporation.JPG
Samples pre evaporation
08 Electron beam filament glows.JPG
E-beam filament glows
10 Dysprosium target starts to glow.JPG
Dy target starts to glow
Dy target.JPG
Pink Dy target
13 Glowing target from further back.JPG
Glowing target
17 Interlock system.JPG
Interlock system
18 Don Daniel y Don Neville.JPG
Daniel Azofeifa y Neville Clark