Romer college class notes, 10.31.2002, The Inheritors

LOK -- Kaia, Liz, Emily and Diane

Lok is Liku's brother-figure.
Nervous energy (He danced around instead of crossing the log.)
Generous (He gave food to Liku even though he was hungry.)
Watchman (He stands guard while the others are sleeping.)
...."Lok has a mouthful of words and no pictures." (p. 38)
Horny (He wants Fa.)
Athletic (He has clever feet.)

THE OLD WOMAN -- Maggie, Jon, Wendy, Matt

She is an important part of the group. She is the sole fire starter and she has medicinal knowledge. She seems to be a motherly figure. She isn't considered sexually by Lok or Ha. She seems to have more knowledge.
She has no name. She seems separate from the group in some way, but they respect her. She also seems to have knowledge of how to prepare food.

'THE NEW ONE' -- Crissa, Eileen, Ben, Jon S.

The new one is a young boy (about 1 or 2 years old). He does not talk yet or walk, but has crawled. He sleeps on his mother's back (Nil) and clings to her hair. The entrie community looks after him and carries him, but his mother breast-feeds him. The father is unknown. He is lively and has monkey-like qualitites. He has big, curious eyes. He rides on Fa's back in the beginning of the book. They enjoy watching him and are entertained by him. The group acts as one single partent and all share equal responsibility for him.

SOCIAL STRUCTURES -- Bill, Tom, John, Tyler

Mal is the patriarch of the clan -- the giver the ideas -- while Lok and Ha are the hunters/foragers. They are the "muscle" so to speak. When Mal falls ill, the social structure shifts towards experience. Then the Old Woman takes over. Fa and Nil were the female women of the clan. They also gathered firewood and oversaw the camp. Liku and "the new one", by virtue of age, are the smallest, and weakest, therefore able to do the least work, they are at the bottom rung of the social ladder.

SHARING PICTURES -- Alison, Drew and Andy

Some are memories, some are speculative. Everything they try and imagine.
Pictures are sometimes memories, and are anything that they try and imagine. For example, when Fa and Lok and Liku were gathering food, Fa had a picture of the plants growing by the water, but Lok told her that they don't. That picture would have been a thought. They also have pictures of things that happened long ago, which are referred to as 'old pictures'. (i.e. Mal remembering Lok as a child)


What is known about the Neanderthals' social order?
Were there leaders? If so, were they more than physically superior?
How was the most dominant leader determined?
Did Neanderthals have monogamous relationships?
How/when did Neanderthals begin teaching children?