Physics 348 Syllabus, Spring 2000
St. Lawrence University
Daniel W. Koon

TEXT: Solid State Physics, Blakemore
Another good source: 'Introduction to Solid-State Physics', C. Kittel

OTHER RESOURCES: Internet resources (see bottom of the page), Review and Study Guide (Under construction)

HOMEWORK will be assigned in class. It will count for 40% of your total course grade.

Each of the three EXAMS will count for 15% of your grade.

The instructor reserves the right to drop a student's FINAL GRADE by one half of a letter grade for each hour of class ABSENCE beyond the third.

The FINAL EXAM is tentatively scheduled for Friday, May 12, from 8:30 to 11:30. This may be changed to a take home exam, given the mutual consent of instructor and students. It will count for 15% of your grade.

FINAL GRADE = 40% HW + 45% EX + 15% FE.

Chapter 1

Ch. 2.1-4
Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5
Quantum Mechanics Review
Crystals and how they form
Exam I
Electrons and band theory
Exam II
Exam III
Dielectric and magnetic properties
One class
3 wks

2 wks
3+ wks

2+ wks

2+ wks

Crystal structure:
      "Making Matter: The atomic structure of materials" (Marcus Hewat, ILL)
            (Need a 3D VRML plug-in to view it? Try CosmoPlayer.)
      "Crystal lattice structures" (76 structures in 36 of the 230 space groups.) (CCMS Group, NRL)
      Interactive crystal rotation (W. K. Chan, University of Iowa)
      Windows-based download (D. W. Koon, SLU)

More links to come.....

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