Classical Mechanics Lab (Phys 307B), Fall 2001
Daniel W. Koon

LAB SYLLABUS (largely scavenged from Catherine Jahncke's lab syllabus)

No text is required for this lab, but you need to buy a lab notebook and a glue stick. There are a number of texts which you may find useful in the Reklis collection or the library.

This lab has several objectives which are listed in no particular order of importance. Since it is tied to the mechanics class, the first objective is to perform some mechanics experiments. The second objective is to introduce physics majors to some basic equipment that they may use or need to be familiar with in their careers. The third objective is to begin to foster a spirit of independence and inquisitiveness in the lab.

Your lab notebook is an important part of this course. Each experient that you conduct should be well documented in your notebook. In order to determine if you have been complete, a good question to ask yourself is "could someone repeat this experiment if they were given my lab notebook?"

1. It should include information about the objective of the experiment. What is the point of the experiment? What are you trying to learn?

2. It should include all of the data that you take. If you use variables, define them.

3. Write down anything you observe during your experiment. Does the experiment lead you to ask other questions? Do you have trouble with any equipment? If so, note your difficulties and how you solve them. (It may not be necessary to include this in the final lab report, but include it here.)

4. You should include any conclusions that you can derive from your experiment. What were the results? What might make the experiment better next time?

5. You lab notebooks will be collected at the end of the first lab period during each two week lab.

These should follow the same lab write up procedure you used in 221 and 222 lab. Most labs will last two weeks to complete, and, of these, four will be graded. Your instructor will tell you which ones. Each lab report will be due at the beginning of the lab two weeks following the conclusion of the experiment, except for the last report which will be due on Wednesday of finals week. I encourage you to turn in a rough draft the week after you complete each experiment. Late work will lose 5 points per day.

Lab notebook      40%
Lab reports       60%

Kater's pendulum
Thin films, Resistivity measurement