The Android Times
Volume 2, Number 2

Spring 2005
Published by the students and faculty of the First Year Seminar :
"Global science fiction"
Daniel Koon, Instructor/Editor

St. Lawrence University
All rights reserved by the authors

"Of Ebin’s Arrival in Aevia and the Creation of    
the New Aevian order: A firsthand Account."
    (Inspired by "Wonderful Days" and by Jules Verne)    Daniel Legnard
"Fish Things From the Icy Depths!"     (Inspired by Capek's "War with the newts")    Erik Russell
"The eruption of the 106"     (Inspired by Lem's "Solaris")    Tristan Wolfe
"Flag of Allegiance"     (Inspired by the Strugatsky brothers)    Shawn H. Golley
"The sons of God"     (Inspired by Japanese anime)    Barrett Goodman
"A spotless mind"     (Inspired by "Akira")    George Frank
"The Purification"     (Inspired by "Metropolis")    Jeboah Joerg
"Red cells"     (Inspired by French New Wave SF)    Nick Perzanoski
"The Habit"     (Inspired by "La Jetée")    Jenn Munt
Revolt"    (Inspired by Cuban SF)    Andre Thouin