“Full Circle Hold”

Kyle Emery

All rights reserved by the author



            “For the love of god, dim those lights, what hell are you trying to do blind me?” Dierks said as he slowly woke up.

            “What happened last night? I feel like I drank Jack Daniels out of house and home.” He said as the lights slowly dimmed to a more comfortable level.

            “At least I made it back home in one piece that’s a relief.” Dierks said, as he threw the covers back.

             He carefully moved one leg over the edge, and then lifted the other up and over. As he limped over to the washboard Dierks scowled as he remembered the day he got this terrible affliction. He was boating, carefree, on one of his friend’s yachts when a simple game left him floating out in the water. His friends just laughed at him as he floundered towards the boat. He was wearing a PFD, luckily, but the swimming part was the hard part. Dierks’s father was never around long enough for him to teach. It was always business trip this, and business trip that. Dierks never blamed his father for it though; Dad would always make it just in time to miss the best things, but he would always try to make it, at least. But as Dierks flopped around in the water towards the boat, doing something that looked like the crawl, but ended up being more like a seizure, a drunken sailor decided to run Dierks over. Luckily, it mostly missed Dierks but it was just close enough to rip up his right leg. Dierks never got close to water after that, scared the bejesus out of him to even look at it.


            Finally arriving at the washboard, Dierks looks his face over, “My god what happened to me?” he said. His face was scarred and wrinkled it seemed from years of fighting, beard was all scraggily, much more than your usual five-o’clock shadow.

            “How long has he been at the hospital for his leg? No more than a few days surely,” Dierks thought. “With current medical practices being what they are how could he have been in the hospital?”

            Broken legs only took days to heal now unlike weeks or months as it did before first contact. The first information they gave to us was how to make our hospitals run quicker and more efficient. And first contact was long before his birth, 200 years in fact. Oh well, this room wasn’t quite how he remembered his house so maybe it was a lot closer to the accident than he thought and he was still in the hospital. Before first contact it was common practice to take things from the house hold of the person being treated and take them into the room they were in. Normally that took an O.K. from a loved one, but since Dierks was never married, and the rest of his family dead, they must have just asked his insurance company. Through studying his face, Dierks noticed his favorite sofa chair sitting in the corner in the reflection. He smiled remembering all the good times he had in that chair. Though none really came to mind, he knew that it was a very special chair. As he slowly eased into the chair he got more and more tired, until he finally sat down and went into a nice deep sleep.

            “What the hell is going on?” Dierks was screaming at the top of his lungs over the phone to his mother.

            “I don’t know but it is a good thing that you are with your dad because this town just went to hell in a hand basket. I was settling down to lunch with your brother and sister when the auto-tellie jumped up in the middle of the table. It was a news flash telling us the procedure to survive an attack. We immediately jumped up and ran for cover of the bomb shelter. Just as we got inside, the bombs started dropping. They just and we were about to call you when you did. We are safe for the moment, but the auto-tellie says that they are sending down diggers, what ever those are, and that we might not be safe for much longer.”

            The last thing Dierks heard before his mother and both his siblings died were the horrible screams of terror being projected with perfect clarity over his phone. For the longest time all Dierks could think about was who were ‘they’ and why would they want to destroy New Detroit. He listened to all the reports and heard all the news but no one explained; only till the people of the Combined Nations screamed treason at the officials did they speak, only it did nothing to quell their fears.

            It was a month after the attacks had happened when the government officials came up on the auto-tellie and told us we were at war. We were at war with those same beings who we speak so highly of in the first contact. They told us that they were in the middle of negotiations with them to get more technology to further the human race. All they were asking for was simple technology to control plasma into making it a viable source of transportation. Since VASIMR project had fail due to unforeseen consequences, and they seemed to use plasma to power their ships. All the government official could say is that we some how offended them, something said in passing, after that they took up their things and stormed out of the room. They had no idea that they were going to turn New Detroit into nuclear glass. Then he asked for all people to come together and join the armed forces.

            Dierks had considered the armed forced before but never really gave to much serious thought into it. It seemed more like a last resort to making sure he would have a living in the future. But it seemed like more than a good idea right then. So Dierks, with his father who agreed with him, walked up to the recruitment office and told them his wishes.

            “Are you certain you both wish to join the military? You son are certainly not in shape to take on boot camp, and you sir are much too old to be put on the front lines,” said the officer.

            “Yes, we feel it is out duty to serve this country at this point,” Dierks and his father said in tandem.

            “Ok, well then let me get your information”

            After he got our information he then sent us on a cool down period. You see many people say they are going to join the military but they are just over grown babies that do it to impress some girl. Those are exactly the people the government doesn’t want in the military, so they give them some time to think about what they just did. And if they decide that the military is not for them, they don’t have to show up. But never again will they be able to join the military.

            Now my father gave it some serious thought and decided it was best the he didn’t join up, he still had a job, and was far too old to pass through boot camp. But Dierks was dead set on joining, so the next day he showed up at the recruitment office and said he was reporting for duty. The recruitment officers just smiled and asked Dierks to follow him. That day was the last day he ever saw his father.

            Dierks then quickly jolted out of his chair. What was he dreaming? Dierks knew that he hadn’t joined the army. His father talked him out of it right before he showed up at the recruitment office.

            “Why would I dream of such crazy things as joining the army?” said Dierks. “I didn’t join because my father didn’t want to lose his son. He said that he hadn’t spent enough time with him and wanted to make up for it. That line was what pushed me over the line to not join. Ah well, dreams are dreams, they sometimes are just weird things your head comes up with.”

            Dierks then got up and shuffled over to his desk, which was neatly covered with dust. He blew off as much of the dust as he could then started to look through his things.

            Dierks didn’t know why he did this, but e was troubled by the dream he had just had. He felt that he had had it before, but couldn’t quite explain when. He looked for things to confirm his not being in the military. As he picked up his photo board and started to flip through the files, he ran across a picture it was him as a child. It was Halloween, and he had dressed up as a G.I. Joe. Plastic M-16 in hand, camouflage, helmet, and candy bag, the whole works. But that picture seemed wrong to him, he didn’t remembering being a G.I. Joe, but he did remember that when he was sixteen he went with his friends as a hippy, to spread peace, love, and get candy was their mission. Dierks then started to stare long into the picture.

            “Today gentlemen should be the proudest day of your life,” said the General. “Today, you graduate from something only two percent of your peers have ever graduated from. Boot camp is not the easiest thing to get through, but you made it, be proud of your self. Today you are the brightest light for this world, to guide it through the darkness of war, safely out to the other side.”

            Dierks smiled while listening to the speech, he was proud. Graduating top of his class, with the fewest demerits the camp had ever seen since its conception. Then with a throw of his cap, and those of his classmates, it was all over. They were going off to the big time.

            Dierks had already got himself promoted to a Lance Corporal through his tremendous acts out on the practice field. Dierks was trying to catch the eyes of the higher ups, sometimes it got him into trouble, but he must have caught the right ones to get that promotion before he was sent out to the battle field. That just made Dierks smile.

            As Dierks was walking back to his barracks for the last time he was confronted by the recruitment officer who had recruited Dierks. He shook his hand and said that it was a fine day to see one of his recruits make it through camp with so high honors. And he also said he had special orders from certain people who had seen his act on the practice field.

            “I must say, to get special orders from the Master General himself is a high honor for a Lance Corporal.” Said the recruitment officer, “I have no idea what they could be for this has never happened to me before, if you don’t mind could I be here when you open the letter?” he said handing the orders to Dierks.

            Dierks agreed then read the orders aloud.

            “To Lance Corporal Dierks Thompkins, you are to report directly to the office of Special Forces recruitment within 30 minutes of receiving these orders. You do not need to collect your things as they have already been collected from your locker. From Master General Halen.”

            Dierks stood in silence as his hand trembled. Was he really going to join the Special Forces right out of boot camp? Dierks could barely think right then.

            The recruitment office stood just as shocked as Dierks and said, “Congratulations Dierks, you really must be the best of best because they don’t just choose anyone for Special Forces, especially just out of boot camp.”

            All Dierks could stammer out was a, “Yeah, thanks, Special Forces.”

The recruitment officer then told Dierks that he should hurry up because it looked good to show up early especially for such an honor.

            Dierks then rushed over to the office and showed the man behind the desk his orders. He let Dierks into and small room and told him to wait there. Dierks then waited there still speechless.

            He had met people out of Special Forces, they were generally very quiet, in fact he had been taught one of his classes by an ex-special force marine. He was the scariest person Dierks had ever met. He wasn’t mean, just the feeling you got from him creeped Dierks out. Was he going to turn into one of them? Just then a man walked through the door.

            “Hello Dierks,” the man said, “I am here to give you a short physical, it will consist of a body scan and short question and answer session, let me set up my equipment.”

            As the man set up the equipment Dierks wondered why he needed a physical, he had passed all the tests in boot camp what was going on here?

            “Ok, Dierks just set there calmly and as the machine runs I will ask you a few questions about why you wanted to join the army…”

            A sudden chill shocked Dierks out of his stare, what a weird picture. Hmmm maybe his memory is still messed up from all the anesthetics they had to give him for the surgery to save his leg from the accident.

            Dierks then scratched the back of his head. Running his hand down the back of his neck he hit a metal piece. His hand jerked back in fear. What was a metal piece doing on the back of his neck? He couldn’t remember why that had been there, and then he brought his hand back to it.

            “Oh my god, those dreams were all true,” Dierks whispered to himself, “I did join the army and I did go into Special Forces but what went wrong?”

            Dierks then looked at his leg, the boating accident, that didn’t happen; he resisted the surgery Special Forces went through. He remembered everything.

            He passed whatever exam they had him take to see if he would survive the surgery. He was then led into the surgery room and strapped down. They then put him under, but right at that moment Dierks remembered his father and how he didn’t want to lose his son, and he would always be there.

            “He must have been at the graduation ceremony!” Dierks thought. “I have to go say goodbye to him, I have to go.”

            Dierks then woke up in the middle of the surgery struggling to be set free. He screamed and screamed at them. “Let me go” and “Father” were all the things that could escape his lips before they could sedate him for a time.

            Dierks then knew that he was never going to see his father and he was prisoner here. He knew that the only way to escape was through death. So Dierks then slowly found his razors.

            “Oh no, 1367 is doing it again, call the doctors and get some MPs. Make sure they have the sedative, he still needs some more memory work.”  Dierks heard as he slowly slid the razor down his wrists.

            Just as his vision started to become blurry from the lack of blood, Dierks heard his door being kicked in. Then the next think Dierks knew he was on the ground with a needle going into the back of his neck as he heard, “Damnit, third time this week, we are going to stop his heart if we don’t get those blasted memories…”

            As Dierks slowly woke up he pleaded again “For the love of god, dim those lights, what hell are you trying to do blind me?”


© Copyright 2005 by the author

All rights reserved