“The Young And The Raceless

Lance Branch

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"I can see the head!" yelled the Doctor. It was only minutes later when the young child was introduced to the loving couple of astronauts. When asked what the name of the child was, Ciara replied "Deltron." Ciara and Johnson were the new parents of baby Deltron and they knew he was a special baby. He was so special that they decided to take him on a space expedition with them when he was only two years old. At age two he was the youngest person to ever go into outer space. Little did the parents know, but this would be the event that would change their child's life forever.

They traveled to the Moon for studies of rock and bedrock matter, in hopes to find if the environment would be able to support human life. In the year 3032, the Earth's population had grown so much that the moon might be the only option for alternate living space for all of these people to live. The three had only been on the Moon for a solid two hours before the abduction of poor baby Deltron. He had wandered off from his parents into a small crater where they couldn't see him. They panicked and went back to the .spaceship in hopes that he had made his way back there. It was empty though, and Deltron was still out on his own. Back in the crater, a warm sensation came over Deltron and a green beam of light shown around him. Before he knew it, he was being lifted off of the ground and into a foreign looking ship. Leaving his parents behind, Deltron had no idea where he was being taken. He started to cry as he saw the hideous creatures that were taking him back to their home planet. They were about 6 feet tall, dark green in color, and had a slimy complexion. They wore a long cape and that was all. Once they had taken Delt back to the planet Sphereon, they made him the human slave. Humans were rare and they knew they had a special child here. At age two they already had him cleaning and serving these aliens. The parents left the moon because of lost hope in searching for their child.


Twenty years had gone by before Deltron ever got the idea of trying to escape from Sphereon. Deltron had grown up to be a rebellious human and became tired of serving these aliens. They treated him like scum an he would do anything to get back at them. If only there was some way. It all began when he found out that these aliens had sent intruders to Earth in search of a silicon based gelatin to try to complete their Continuum Transfunctioner. He overheard the aliens talking about their invasion plans one day. The transfunctioner was a machine built to sustain the alien life for eternity. The only problem was that the machine could be destroyed. They needed the silicon material to protect the machine from ever being damaged and keep their race around forever. If there was just some way to destroy this machine, Deltron could save earth from being destroyed by the aliens. Delt knew he had to get back to his home planet to try and prevent any possible conflict with the aliens. He decided that he was going to steal one of the space crafts from the alien transport base and navigate it back to earth. His plans could not have worked better. One day when he was cleaning inside the air base, he hijacked one of the crafts and started up the engine. The aliens hadn't noticed until it was too late. They would have sent troops after him but they had no weapons on their ships, they were mainly just for transport.


With only some minor difficulties, Deltron made it back to earth with a small crash landing in an open field. He found himself in Oregon and had no idea how to get home or where to go. He wandered down the west coast into California by means of hitchhiking. Once he got to Cali, he grabbed a phone book to try and look up his parents, by slight chance they might live in there. It was a good thing Delt still had his dog tags from his space travel with his parents. The tags had all his personal information on them which helped figure out his last name. By sheer luck, he found their name and address in it and made his way home. His parents didn't even recognize him but they welcomed him home with tears of joy because they missed their baby so much. Deltron went on to explain the whole story to his parents of what he has been doing for the last twenty years. They felt so bad they had just left him behind like that. They just didn't have enough resources to stay in space longer. There was no choice but to leave without him. He had no hard feelings against them though, it's the only thing they could have done. They exchanged stories back and forth until Deltron remembered about the aliens coming to earth. His parents had no choice but to believe him as he explained why they were coming to earth and how he needed to stop them. His parents had heard about this silicon based material that was being worked on in laboratories there in northern California. Deltron wanted to find out when it was going to be perfected because that's when the aliens would be coming for it. The alien infiltrators on earth were waiting until the material was complete so they could notify the home planet to come and perfect their transfunctioner.


Deltron went to one of the laboratories to get an idea of when the scientists would have the material ready for use. To Deltron's dismay, the scientists told him they were not even close to perfecting this material science and that it could take over one hundred years. Delt knew nobody else would believe the story of the aliens coming to earth. He would have to stop them by himself. There was no way he would be around when the aliens finally attacked. One hundred years is much longer than Deltron would be alive for. He needed a way to prolong his life, he needed to be cryogenically frozen. In Scottsdale, Arizona, there is a company that specializes in this freezing process. Alcor was the name of the company and they had recently discovered a way to freeze human bodies and revive them back to life whenever the patient wanted. This would be the perfect plan for Deltron. He knew it would work. He went down to Arizona and went through the whole process with the doctor and learned about the whole procedure. All he had to do was have all of his bodily fluids drained, then get some glycerol injected into his veins. The glycerol in his veins would prevent them from freezing up and breaking. Next, his body would be frozen at a temperature around -196<sup>o</sup> C in a metal enclosure called a dewar. That seemed pretty cold to Delt but he knew he had to do it. He filled out all the paperwork and legalities of the procedure. Under the line "Date to be unfrozen:" he wrote: Whenever the new Silicon Based protective gelatin was perfected. Since this was a big science laboratory in itself, they would be sure to hear the day this scientific breakthrough had been accomplished. Deltron was told that it would be no problem and they would have him unfrozen as soon as they got word of it. Deltron felt comfortable with his choice and was injected and frozen the next day by noon.




"I've done it! I have finally completed the silicon based protective material." Dr. Hooligans exclaimed with pride. "I shall call it Geliconium. All you have to do is cover an object in it and the object becomes indestructible." Word of this great accomplishment was out on the streets and hit the news early that night. Reporters told the country how it had taken scientists fifty years to finally get the science right. Early the next morning back at the Alcor Lab, scientists frantically worked to unthaw Deltron. They remembered his request to be unfrozen as soon as they heard of the material being completed. The process was tedious and consisted of twelve men using hair dryers on the warm setting instead of hot, they could not afford the time to short an outlet. Once Deltron was revived, he was reminded by the scientists of the reason he was brought back. The Geliconium had been produced. Immediately, Deltron went to a Motel 6 across the street to start his plans on how he was going to stop the alien race from taking over earth.


The alien infiltrators who were on earth also heard the recent news of the Geliconium and they sprung into action as well. They made calls by use of Morse Code back to Sphereon to notify the authorities that earth was ready for conquering. They used Morse Code because it was so outdated, humans could no longer translate it. Even if they did happen to intercept the aliens' signal. Finally they had what they needed on earth to come and take control and keep their race alive forever. The aliens back on Sphereon heard the news and began to assemble their colony to travel to earth for permanent inhibition. Meanwhile, Deltron knew he only had a few days before he would have to worry about the aliens arriving at earth. The trip was at least five light years, about seven days in earth time. He figured his best chance would be to steal the prototype of the Geliconium so it could no longer be duplicated by anyone. It was now Monday and Delt decided he would sneak into the science lab and steal the Geliconium at midnight on the upcoming Friday. For now, Delt had to find a little something fun to do, after all, he had been frozen fifty years. He thought he might go out and try to pick up a prostitute to have some fun with. Being frozen for fifty years can have quite an impact on your sex life. IfDelt didn't get back in the "game" soon enough, he would forget what it was like. It didn't take long before he found a woman. He saw a stunning brunette standing on the comer of 3rd and Main in some little short shorts, fishnet stockings, and the classy leather high heeled boots. Delt went over and struck up a conversation but she didn't really seem like one to chat. They walked back to the Motel in the gloomy light of the street-lamps side by side. She seemed to be wearing an excessive amount of makeup, even for a whore. What Deltron didn't know was that she wore so much makeup to conceal her identity, she was really one of the first alien infiltrators that was on earth.


Back at the hotel Deltron played some music on the A.M. radio and poured a glass of wine cooler for the both of them. "You don't have to win me over." said the hooker with a little attitude. "I'm already here, let's just get this over with." He asked if he could at least find out her name, she told him it was Monica. Deltron worked his magic for a good twenty minutes and then they fell asleep. Monica didn't know what it was, but she felt a love for Delt. Just after one night she realized the love of a human was greater than she thought it could ever be. He didn't expect to see Monica next to him and the morning and he was right. He never even paid her, he thought. He walked to the lobby where the continental breakfast was held, and to his surprise he saw Monica standing there eating a white powdered doughnut with the powder all over her face. She looked even more beautiful than he remembered. He told her he thought she would have been gone by now but she said she never got paid. That wasn't the real reason she stuck around though. She sat Deltron down and told him how she felt about him. "Just from one night?" he asked. "Yes, I never knew human affection could be so great." she replied. Deltron took the time to process the whole "human" part of that statement. She went on to tell him how she was really an alien sent to help destroy earth but she didn't want to be a part of it anymore. Deltron didn't know what to say to her, he just got up and walked back to the room.


She followed him back and tried to explain things to him and make him understand where she was coming from. He couldn't believe he had been deceived by such a pretty girl. Deltron had to admit that he did have feelings for Monica as well, however, which made things a little scandalous. It was something along the lines of love at first sight, they just couldn't explain it. There they sat trying to figure out how they could make this work between them, they didn't want anything to come in the way of their love. Monica told him about how her race was going to try and steal the Geliconium, and Delt told her how he was going to steal it before they could get to it. Monica didn't even care, she wanted to be with Deltron no matter what. She decided that she would help him steal the Geliconium to keep the aliens from taking over earth.


The week passed slowly and the two became more in love than they were before. Soon enough it was Friday though, and they knew they had work to do. They both put on full black sweat-suits and face paint to hide in the darkness of the lab. It was only about five blocks to the lab and it was a nice night out so they had nothing to worry about. Delt carried a crowbar with him just in case, they had to pop open a window or two. They arrived at the lab just around midnight and all was silent. Deltron slid the crow bar under a window near the back entrance and propped it open nicely. He lifted up Monica gently and pushed her into the building, Delt followed closely behind. The two of them snook around quietly until they found the room which contained the Geliconium. Peeking through the window, Deltron saw something moving around inside the room. He couldn't really tell what it was, but it had a strange green glow to it. Monica grabbed him and pulled him down below the window. She told him exactly what it was. It was one of the aliens from her home planet who weren't supposed to arrive for another 2 days. He stood up again a little lower to see what was going on. The alien was over looking through the shelves for the Geliconium and irresponsibly left something on the table that looked familiar to Deltron. It was the Continuum Transfunctioner. Monica quickly sprinted into the room and grabbed the transfunctioner before the alien even knew what was going on. She ran back out and gave it to Deltron and they both headed quickly for the exit.


They had just gotten out of the window when they heard the alien close behind them. Each of them hopped out on to the ground and ran but it was too late. The alien inside had already caught up to them, and there were ten more surrounding them outside. They were trapped. With the transfunctioner still in hand, Deltron had no idea what to do. He noticed the alien had a large mayonnaise jar in his grasp labeled "Geliconium".

"Hand over the Transfunctioner," the alien said to him "Or we will destroy you." Deltron knew that the aliens planned on taking over earth anyways even after they had accomplished what they came for. He didn't know what to do. If he destroyed the Transfunctioner, he would kill the entire alien race. Monica, who was one of the aliens would also be destroyed in this case. If he gave the Transfunctioner back, he would save Monica and possibly get to live with her all depending on what the aliens allowed him to do. He tried to bargain with them.

"I'll give the Transfunctioner back if I'm allowed to stay with you aliens and be with Monica for as long as I live." he pleaded. The aliens had to think about this because they may not be able to trust a human being. He begged and pleaded and eventually the aliens agreed to his request. However, the rest of the humans on earth would be destroyed but Deltron was willing to compromise.


Deltron handed over the Transfunctioner and the aliens held on to it like a new born baby. They knew their lives depended on the existence of this machine. Deltron and the rest of the aliens walked back to the Spaceship to go put the Geliconium on the Transfunctioner in order to complete the process. Monica grabbed Delt's hand as they walked back, gazing into his eyes. He looked back into her snake looking eye balls and wondered if he was doing the right thing. He thought to himself: "It was just a one night stand." Should he really be destroying his whole entire race for this one alien woman who he might love more than anything? All the questions ran through his mind at once. "Women can never be trusted!" he yelled. At the last second before they got onto the ship, he ripped his hand away from Monica. He ran forward to one of the aliens and kicked the Transfunctioner out of its hands. "Deltron NOOOOO!" Monica yelled in the background. They all stared in horror as the black box fell to the ground and exploded with a small puff of smoke.

Along with the Transfunctioner, the aliens all exploded with a small puff of smoke and the spaceship vanished. The jar of Geliconiurn fell softly to the ground and Deltron moved forward to pick it up. He stared at the jar knowing he made the right decision. How could the love for one person rule out over the fate of the entire world? Deltron wondered the same thing. He replaced the Geliconium back in the laboratory and went back to the motel knowing he had just single handedly saved the entire human race. Even though to this very day, Deltron still misses Monica he can't help but wonder what just might have happened had he gone along with his true love.


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