The Android Times
Volume 2, Number 1

Published by the students of the FYP 187S: "Do androids dream of electric sheep?"
Jonathan Gottschall and Daniel Koon, Instructor/Editors

Romer College
St. Lawrence University
All rights reserved by the authors

"The young and the raceless" (Cryonics)    Lance Branch
"The underground secret" (Microchips)    Olga Bromberg
"Defeating the P.I.M.P." (Face transplants)    Sarah Callan
"Untitled" (Infertility treatments)    Emily Catillaz
"Enhanced sport" (Steroids)    Gabe Cohen
"Full circle hold" (Plasma)    Kyle Emery
"The Adventures of Darby O’Mulligan and Dr. O’Connor" (Solar hydrogen energy)    Tess Forrest
"Chaos theory" (Weather modification)    John Forrette
"The basement" (Cryonics)    Jared Fostveit
"Pushing forward, pulling back" (Nanotubes)    Shawn Golley
"The floating palace" (Face transplants)    Jenn Gross
"The street lights" (Smart fabric)    Emily Hamm
"Space pimp 2024" (SETI)    Kevin Hinman
"2150: The Year Hank Became a True Man" (Geothermal energy)    Andrew Lagos
"Drugs are bad for you" (Black holes)    Kristina Ludwig
"So That’s How the World Ends" (Black holes)    Jennifer Munt
"Lost Joeboo of Twizle" (Steroids)    Kevin O'Connor
"The Incredible Adventures of Colin McNaulty" (Gene doping)    Mike O'Donnell
"The Search" (SETI)    Eric Osborn
"Through her breath" (Weather modification)    Spencer Paige
"Untitled" (Gene doping)    Anthony Paul
"Home" (Brain pacemaker)    Brandy Pestka
"A nervous surgery" (Brain pacemaker)    Erica Peterson
"The game of life" (Solar hydrogen energy)    Laura Rabinow
"Where am I?" (Designer drugs)    Renee Rubin
"Money doesn't bring happiness, but it helps" (Space tourism)    Mike Stafford
"Just like always" (Smart fabric)    Brittany Sweet
"Untitled" (Infertility treatments)    Sarah Vabulas
"Space" (Space tourism)    Steve Walano
"Weyland's beanstalk" (Space elevators)    Tristan Wolfe

Cover art Copyright 2004 by D. W. Koon