Tachyonic Beings”

Sahiry Rodriguez

All rights reserved by the author



            Alex was working in his lab downstairs. He had paper all over him. Briefs and mathematical equations covered his desk and he was still working on more. He had been trying for the past couple of years to invent a machine. He was pretty sure that he would one day find a method that would allow him to move faster than light. Other scientists had already discovered photons, but they could only travel at the speed of light. He needed something that could go faster.

“Yes! I did it…this should do it. All these mathematical equations allow me to create tachyons.” He had used general relativity and the theory of tachyons to create a tachyonic machine.

            Hearing all the noise, his wife came down stairs. “What in heaven is going on in here? What is wrong with you?”

“I finally did it…I did it!!!” Alex said to her.

“Did what?” she asked.

“I think that now I’m ready to test my tachyonic machine!” he said excitedly.

“Why in the world are you so obsessed with tachyons…you have never even told me why they are so important to you!” There was a long silence before Alex answered her question.

“You wouldn’t understand even if I explained it to you.” She gave him an evil look and he knew perfectly well what that meant for him tonight, so he went on.

“People have always wanted to travel back in time… If they had a particle such as tachyon which travels faster than the speed of light then they could send messages to the past.”

She looked at him skeptically and asked, “How are you going to send messages to the past? I am not much of a scientist but I see that the idea is absurd!”

“I told you you would not understand.” She was very deep in thoughts

            She was thinking that if she sent information faster than the speed of light, such information would actually get to it’s destination before she even sent it. Although her relationship with Alex was not the best in the world due to lack of communication, she couldn’t help but ask Alex to clarify this idea. To her surprise, he did not question her sudden interest in his work. Instead he replied, “There is something called the reinterpretation principal. When a message is being received before it is sent, all the receiver has to do is switch the points of transmission and disposition so that the signal actually seems as if it was sent from the place it was received and not the other way around. It is that simple.” She was still very confused but decided to go to sleep.

Alex thought about his machine day and night. He even talked with Lazy, his dog, about tachyons. “Well, tachyons have imaginary mass… so if I succeed in making you a tachyonic dog then you will be able to travel faster than light, and the faster you go the less energy you will carry, making you go infinity fast… oh no… no…no…I forgot about that… how am I going to make you break through the light barriers in order to go faster than light?” He was frustrated by this and walked away from the dog. He went into the kitchen for a cup of tea. While drinking, he realized that by making the tachyons part of the genetic system of Lazy, she would be able to travel faster than light without accelerating to break through the light barrier. The tachyons in her system would already be traveling faster than light. This meat that the light barrier had already been passed. What he didn’t know was how long it would take for Lazy’s system to become tachyonic enough in order for Lazy to start acting like a being made of tachyonic particles.

            Alex hoped that once his wife had their baby, their relationship would change. He needed it to change. He had a master plan, which involved the baby. The only way he would accomplish such a plan is if his wife agreed to it.

            He had everything planned. The machine was composed of a room with five different doors. A room in which each door increased in the number of tachyons particles that entered the body of whoever was in the room. A person must spend a specific amount of time in each room in order for his/her body system to adapt to the increasing velocity that occurs due to the tachyon particles. Once you reached the last door you were already traveling faster than light, then all you had to do was open the door and off you went into space.

Alex tested it on his dog, Lazy, who survived up to the third door there the “gee” forces were too strong for such an old dog, and the time to adapt to it too short. Alex tried to explain to his wife that the reason why Lazy died was because she was too old and he transported her from one door to the next too fast. He guaranteed her that given enough time in each door, Alex Jr. will have no problem at all. He was very convincing in his explanation, and the fact that he was there when the baby was born, gave a sense that he did care a lot for Alex Jr. However, she had one condition.

“Junior would only be in the machine when he is sleeping. Any other time I want him out of it.” Alex had no choice but to agree.

At the moment Alex Jr. was born, he was placed on the first door! He spent one year in each door. However, by age five, something horrible happened. Alex was working on a new mysterious experiment down in the lab, when all of a sudden, a huge explosion and ball of fire came running out of the lab and up to the kitchen destroying the whole lab and with it taking Alex’s life. With the death of Alex, there was no reason to keep Alex Jr. in the machine. Besides, he was there for the past four years and nothing had happened.

Although there were no indicating factors that the tachyons had actually altered his genetic composition, there were small things going on in Alex Jr.’s life that might have indicated some of the effects of his father’s work.

One afternoon, Alex Jr. was playing tag with some of his first grade friends and upper class students. They played for more than thirty minutes and no one was able to tag Alex. “Wow little one! What have you been eating lately?” said a fifth grader. Another student said

“Yeah man, I want to learn how to run as fast as you do…your mom must be feeding you some energizing energy.” They all laughed at his stupidity.

            Moreover, running was not the only thing that he was good at; even the teachers were surprised by his intelligence and his fast way of processing information. One day during the math period the teacher was thinking aloud and said, “I wonder if they know any of their multiplication tables…they are too young to know them yet…maybe we should start learning them…”

“I know them from one through twelve,” Alex Jr. remarked very enthusiastically. The teacher gave him a weird look and asked him to say them all. To her surprise he was not lying. He knew them all. He was thinking at a level much higher than the other kids his age. At his age, he only seemed to be a regular boy: smarter, at a genius level, but nothing extravagant or out of this world.

            Things started to change once he reached the age of eight. His next door neighbor called him. “Do you want to come out and play with me?” Alex thought for a second. He did want to go out and play, but just not in his back yard. It was very hot outside and Alex felt like going to the beach. “Hello…Are you still there?” Alex Jr.’s friend asked. He heard the telephone fall down and no answer came from the other end. In the kitchen, Alex Jr.’s mother felt a huge, strong wind.

“How weird. The wind is coming from the living room to the backdoor. I’m sure I closed all the doors of that side. Maybe Alex opened them”

            Alex didn’t know what had happened. All he knew was that he was in the most beautiful beach he had ever seen. Although, it was so beautiful and he loved it, he was only there for a fraction of a second. He got scare of being in such a huge place without his mother. So he wanted to go home. Seconds later he was sitting in the kitchen. “When did you get here?” she asked him, since she didn’t see or feel him come in.

Uhmm… just a second ago,” he said, not sure of what had just happened to him.

            He was thinking of the beach image all night long, only thinking about it, not wanting to go. The next morning he noticed that he was not in his room any more. Everything looked different. He didn’t know why, but it seemed as if his town has gotten smaller. He was able to walk from one end of town to the next in a matter of seconds. Or was he really just walking? It seemed as if the whole town had come together and collapsed all in one point. “How come my house is so close to the shore now? What is going on in here?” In addition, he cannot even tell the difference anymore between my house and the shore. Every minute he was moving faster and faster. “Where am I? I can’t see anything.” He was crying and frustrated, not knowing what to do. He gave up and decided to go to sleep. But where? How? He didn’t seem to know how to sleep anymore. “I want to go to sleep, but I’m not really tired.” His body was functioning so fast that all the sleep it needed was done in less than a second. So Alex didn’t really notice it.

            He felt lost in space. He looked up and saw a bright ray of light coming his way. He thought it was a lighting bolt, but not regular strikes. These were thick, lighting bolts, without the thunder noise. He ran away from where he was. As soon as he moved, he was able to see another image. It looked like a whole bunch of big yellow balls.

Back at his house, everything was normal. His house was far away from the shore and everything was where it is supposed to be, except for Alex Jr. No one knew where he is or with whom. His mother had gone to the police after not finding him in his room one morning. He had been missing for the past year and no one had a clue of what happened to him. It seemed as if he had been swallowed by the earth. By now, the police had given up. They had no trace to lead them to the bottom of this mysterious case. They didn’t even know where to start, where to look first or who to suspect.


“I don’t know how long ago I left home, but I want to go back. I haven’t stopped moving ever since I left. I don’t even know how to stop anymore.  I have obviously had a lot of time to think. I think that what happen to me has something to do with that experiment that people say my dad did with me or better said, on me. They are always talking of something called tachyon, which supposedly moves faster than light and the only way to stop it from moving is by destroying it. If, as people say, I am composed of such things then there is no point in stopping if I’m going to die, when I do stop.

            Since I left home, the only thing that I could actually see is the lighting strikes. I think that those are not lighting strikes. Whenever they pass by, I see a spot in the darkness being lighter. But whenever I follow the lighting strikes to that spot, I see nothing but the light. The light is always moving. So…those lighting strikes have to be, or must be light itself. Light is the only thing that moves as fast, or close to as fast, as I do. Light is the only thing I am able to interact or visualize, or anything that is made of tachyons like me. Everything else is moving so slowly that it is as if they weren’t there at all.”

He was going crazy. There was nothing for him to do. He started to move farther away, in no direction in particular. It’s hard to have any sense of direction when you are in the middle of nowhere. He traveled and traveled. “I wonder how many earth years have passed already. Is my mom still alive? Is earth still there?” All of these questions and many more crossed Alex Jr.’s minds every second. But there seemed to be no answer for them.

For the first time, he was able to see a bright surface of light, which was not the regular light he was used to seeing. “What could that be? It is not moving at all. What could it be?” As he got closer, he was able to see things more clearly. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “Are those what I think? But if they are, why can I see them now? No, it can’t be?” He tried rubbing his eyes to clarify his vision, but he still saw the same thing. “It must be a miracle or am I just losing my tachyonic touch?” he said sarcastically. “I though I was only able to see images that moved at the speed of light or faster…Isn’t that why I couldn’t see things slower than light back in earth when I was eight years old? What is happening? I don’t know if I should get happy or be afraid of what might come next?”

He knew that what he was seeing were not humans or any earth beings. They looked weird, different. They have more than two hands and do not walk touching the ground. They seemed to be flying in space. “But if they are not earthy being, then they must be... ” He was afraid to say what he was thinking. They were definitely not humans and he didn’t know how would they react toward him. “Okay… I’ll go and see what they are all about…but how can they be like me and not like me at the same time… They don’t look like me but they move like I do…And I am able to see them…are they what I think they are?”


© Copyright 2004 by the author

All rights reserved