Jesse Remillard

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            Charles Ramon was proud: proud of his religion his accomplishments, proud of his life in general.  His family was of strong willed origin, making themselves known wherever they took root and he was of the same material.  He was conscious of his appearance and mannerisms.  He was also open to most new thoughts as long as they rang true with his deep seated morals and also providing they didn’t conflict to strongly with his religious beliefs.  He came from a family of priests and was strongly influenced by his family’s background.  Reverend Ramon was a Roman Catholic priest in his hometown of Gary, Indiana. Charles liked routines, he liked routines that stayed routines and didn’t change all that often.  He always followed the same routine every morning.  On the day of December 13th, 2108 he began with his usual routine, as if it were other day in his predictable life.

            Charles opened his eyes.  His alarm screamed at him to wake up, get up, to begin his day, all with a series of innocent beeps.  He sat up and turned the alarm off.  He glanced tenderly at his wife as she rose from slumber.  He thought to himself “and the day has begun”….

            At breakfast, he mulled over his prepared sermon, just to make sure it didn’t need any adjustments.  His wife, Loretta, commented “Charles! Your eggs are getting cold, eat up”.  The Roman Catholic Church had loosened its rules up in the last few years in order to accommodate for the population’s general pressure for all strict things to become more liberal.

            Charles always walked to work he enjoyed the exercise but that was just the excuse he gave to people for liking the walk.  The real reason he took so much pleasure in his Sunday morning walks to church was because of the people he met.  He loved the easy-going smiles and waves people gave him.  He knew most everyone and most everyone knew him.  People lived in Gary because they liked the gentle regularity of small town, suburban life and Charles liked it as much as anyone else living there.  It had changed much in the last hundred years, going from an industrial center to a small community of friends.  There wasn’t much crime in Gary, mainly because there wasn’t much to steal.  It wasn’t poor, but most everyone was lower middle class.  They all had similar backgrounds and found solace in being able to relate to each other.  “Halfway there” Charles thought to himself as he passed the town drugstore.  The town of Gary was full of family owned businesses and was even a little too isolated for a Wal-Mart.  Gary Indiana was nothing special and perfectly comfortable with that.  Charles soon found himself before the town church, and climbed the stairs feeling very satisfied with his life.

            An hour later Charles gave his sermon about the strength of a town united through god and the evils permitted in most of the world that they could only pray would end.  It was received well as always.  Charles put a lot of effort into his faith.  He sincerely believed what he preached.  He strove to lead by example.  As Charles said his final words, he looked over the people gathered there and smiled inside.


            Later that night Charles was reading a good book by the fire contentedly when Loretta came in with a worried look.  “I’ve heard some disturbing news, dear”.  Charles looked up above his reading glasses.  Loretta was cautious realizing the affect this information would have on her husband.  “It appears a race of aliens have made contact with us, they call themselves the Elohim”.  Charles thought she must be joking, although Loretta wasn’t particularly fond of jokes what she had just proclaimed didn’t seem at all possible.  Besides the word Elohim came from the original text of the bible, meaning god.  He wondered why they called themselves by this name.

“You’re joking?”. Asked Charles

“Well, actually, no I’m not”. replied Loretta.

Charles blurted “Who are these beings? Where do they come from? What do they look like? And how did they communicate with us?”.

“Apparently it had something to do with those wackos the Raelians

Incredulously Charles uttered a remark of disbelief as it dawned on him the connection.  “Those frauds were right”.

“It’s all over the news, apparently it’ll all be explained tomorrow at 8, they’re going to address the entire human race in person”.

“How will they communicate with us?”

“Apparently they speak human languages and will address the world from their embassy in Switzerland. They will make identical speeches in all the major languages each from a different room in the embassy”.

Charles sat for a moment, letting the information sink in.  He tried to figure out what this meant for both him and the rest of humanity.  He didn’t know a whole lot about the Raelians.  He knew that they strongly opposed the Roman Catholic Church and had been growing in numbers since their foundation just before the start of the 21st century.  He knew that they claimed the human race was founded by an alien race and that in the bible we had misinterpreted them for god.  He also knew that they had been founded by a French man. The founder’s first name was Claude with a last name starting with a V, Charles couldn’t remember exactly, and had changed his name to Rael after starting the religion.  From what he knew of the man he was immature about publicity and eager to argue.  He often did things purely for their media value or to anger those who opposed his views.  He had always assumed they were simply a hoax seeking media attention. Charles couldn’t believe it.  He couldn’t fathom the full scope of this information’s consequences.  It was his ritual bedtime, so he decided, as nothing could be done immediately, to just let it go and head to bed.  He would figure this mess out after things had been explained.


            It was 7:45pm, Monday night.  Charles and Loretta sat together on the couch.  They were watching the news until 8 when all channels would be reprogrammed for the Elohim’s speech.  Charles was especially grateful for Loretta’s support.  She had always been there for him and now especially looked to be a rough period.  Although Charles didn’t know too much about the details of the Raelian religion, he knew that his faith would be tested in the following weeks more than it ever had before.

            The newscasters had been discussing the arrival of the Elohim for the past few hours and had pretty much ignored all other news of which wasn’t much.  The world seemed to have been paralyzed.  Everyone was waiting for what the Elohim would say.  Virtually no business had been conducted and crime over the last 24 hours had dropped to near zero percent.  The arrival of the Elohim had been fairly hidden from public and official eyes.  They had come during the day to a building the Raelians had prepared specifically for this purpose.  It was strangely designed and in a secluded spot in Switzerland.  Originally the Elohim had requested it to be built as near as the holy city, Jerusalem, as possible but even after several requests Israel still refused.  They refused to allow the embassy even to be built in their country.  So, with permission of the Elohim, the Raelians requested and were authorized to build their embassy in Switzerland.  Switzerland had been the home of their headquarters in the years since the Raelian’s foundation and so it made sense for it to be their second choice as to where to build the embassy.  The embassy consisted of 3 domes in a line connected by arched passages.  The building included a landing pad on the roof for helicopters.  This had been used for the arrival of various officials who came to witness the event.  The building consisted of 7 bedrooms, a meeting room for 21, a swimming pool and a dining hall again with seating for 21.  The rumor was that the Elohim had contacted Rael several days before their arrival to have him ready their rooms.  Supposedly, they came down in a circular ship that was smaller than might be expected for such a journey as theirs’ and there was 20 of them.  The extra bedroom and seating of the building had been included for Rael himself.

            The hour of 8 was finally reached.  The television screen showed a large room with various leaders of countries lined up in anticipation of the Elohim’s entrance.  As the Elohim entered Charles was struck by how human they appeared.  It was odd but he hadn’t really considered what they might look like.  He had just assumed they would for some reason be indescribable in nature.  Yet they entered and were strikingly similar to human beings.  They had almond shaped eyes and light green skin.  They appeared very frail and elegant, and yet walked with an odd sort of stutter.  It reminding Charles of an old comedy skit he had used to love as a kid.  Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks.  They came out in no particular pattern or arrangement.  Rael walked among them a smug and victorious predictor of the truth.  Charles hated him for being so right and for being arrogant as well.  He hated Rael for causing him so much grief.  Charles’ faith was now in question more than it had ever been.  He wasn’t sure what to believe.  He still couldn’t quite believe the facts in spite of viewing the aliens in person on TV.  The Raelian ambassador took the stage.

            “My name is Yahweh.” Said the alien speaking in English.  Charles knew that name, like the word Elohim it came from the original Hebrew version of the bible for the personal name of god.

            The alien proceeded to talk in a high, almost childish sounding voice. “We are the true creators of humanity, you who misinterpreted our deeds can not be held responsible for your actions.  All will be forgiven if you now realize your mistakes.  In the proceeding years there will be many changes to your world.  Not all of you will agree with those changes, but we would not have made contact now if the majority of you were not ready for us and these changes.  First of all, the world leaders will gather here in the next few weeks and decide upon a unified world language, currency and government.  Intelligence tests will become a regular part of society and everyone will know their IQ.  Those with a net IQ of 10% above average will be granted the privilege of voting and only those with a net IQ of 50% above average will be allowed to run for any government election.  Children will be taught at the level of their IQ’s and so there will be different schools for kids of different intelligence.  Education in all areas of life will be taught as it is extremely important to an individual reaching their potential.  Children will learn openly about contraceptives and intercourse and strict laws will be put into affect to bring about a steady level of population.  All women will be allowed to have only 2 children in a lifetime, thereby ensuring the population stays at a certain level.  As well as sensual education, children will be taught the keys and commandments of the Raelians.  This will ensure the respect of all individuals and the highest level of happiness for everyone.  All this is simply a matter of efficiency, not a means of putting some above others as eventually all work and money will be vanquished as well.  The manual jobs will be taken over by machines and only those who choose to work will do so.  With all work done by machines everything will be free.  Ownership and inheritance will be eradicated.  A family will own one house.  As the children go out and make lives for themselves they may rent from the state but when they pass on all their belongings will go back to the state.  The death penalty will be abolished, and deviants from social norms will be put in segregated prisons.  Those who do wrong by others are simply sick and so need to be helped.  Those who are extremely sick shouldn’t be put with those who are only mildly sick because the latter might become infected by the former.  Now that we have come clarity is brought to all religions and their common origins.  No one will be forced into anything as one of the keys is personal freedom but we hope most of humanity will realize the senselessness of believing in any other religion.  Some of these changes will occur fairly rapidly while others will take time.  Everyone should continue on with their regular lives as best possible until these changes begin to take place starting with government and a unified currency.  I leave you now to let the information I have just told you sink in.  To let you fully comprehend what I have said.”  With that Yahweh left the stage and walked out of the back of the room.  A newscaster then appeared on the screen but Charles didn’t hear what he said.  He felt numb from the implications of what he had just been told.  All this time he’d been living a fallacy and teaching it as well.  All with as much fervor as any person had every done anything they were passionate about.  So his beliefs misinterpreted the truth, they were still based on the truth and he still believed their basic messages.  He decided there was nothing to be done at the moment but to continue on with life.


            Charles was baffled by how easily his life was upturned.  One week everything was perfect the next he didn’t know which direction was up.  He only gave sermons on sun so all week he wasn’t sure what to do.  He decided just to go along as planned. 

            Sunday came around as usual but this Sunday Charles was nervous.  How many people would come and what kind of a response would he receive from them.  He got ready as usual and then left for his morning walk to church.  Something was different about this morning walk.  The looks people gave him were accusing.  The looks said “you lied to us”.  He felt like stopping and trying to convince every person he saw that they should still wave and nod to him.  His thoughts did him no good of course.  The walk seemed to take an eternity this time around.  The chapel looked bleak and somehow foreboding, as if it was predicting some awful event.  Charles went over his sermon.  It did not hide from the truths of what had been revealed in recent events and was also slightly apologetic.  It was also defiant.  Charles had thought it over and come to the decision that recent events did not much affect his beliefs.  So some things were wrong.  The most disturbing of which was the bible.  But Charles still believed in God, not matter what the Raelians claimed.  He still believed they were things god wanted from people and that these things were from the bible.  Charles reasoned that God must have created the Raelians as the ultimate test of humanities morals.  That the reason people misinterpreted the bible for all those centuries was because God wanted them to.  This must all be part of God’s supreme plan, Charles thought.  If this is the way things have gone it must be the way he meant them.

            Mass began at 10:00am.  9:45am rolled around and still no one had come walking through the front doors.  Charles began to worry.  What if no one came? What would he do?  Should he just give his sermon and hope someone would come in late.  He couldn’t believe he would be the only one to reason in the manner he had.  That god just had very complex and great plans that couldn’t always be understood and sometimes just had to be trusted.  No one showed up.  Charles sat in front of the pews.  He was too embarrassed to go home early to his wife.  He would just wait until the usual time too go home.  Charles had a sick feeling in his stomach.  He knew what he believed but he now seemed to be the only one who believed it.  Even his wife and family seemed resigned to their new fate, they had been beaten.  They seemed to think there was nothing to be done but accept these new “truths” and forget their past.  Maybe Charles was just plain to stubborn to give up his inbred beliefs.  Whether or not that was true he still had faith in his beliefs.  A few hours later Charles dragged his feet home, he felt lost and without support from anyone.


            As the days went by Charles tried to spread his views.  But whenever he began to speak of them people would walk away, retort sharply, or give him sorrowful looks, as if he was a lost child to be pitied and helped.  He became more and more despondent.  Loretta began to lose faith that he would ever regain his past vigor and embrace the new direction humanity had taken.  Most everyone was happy with the general momentum humanity had taken.  There was a minority, like Charles that stuck by their beliefs whether about abortion or government or God.  They were, in general, tolerated but that was about the extent of attention they were given.  They seemed to be crying danger when all things pointed towards the comfort and protection of home.  Most everyone knew it would only be a matter of a generation or two before all such people had been lost to humanity.

            When Loretta left for a more optimistic husband Charles found himself on the street, as she had been providing for him, and without any real skills or assets.  The golden age of humanity had yet to take effect and there were many on the streets in similar positions as Charles.  He soon found himself among these disbeliever’s or believers depending on one’s view and was happier on the streets then he had been at home in a long time.  He wasn’t getting enough to eat most of the time but he found a meager audience to preach to every so often and that was sustenance enough for him.

            The Raelian revolution continued to sweep the world and soon most everyone was a Raelian and following the designated keys.  In general people were happier than before and things were looking up.


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