“Finding the Creatures”

Mike Hilts

All rights reserved by the author



Frank was a 30 year old man, born in 1990, originally from Florida but now living in a small community in the deserts of Arizona.  Frank and his best friend Brian both worked in a large astronomy observatory.  They both studied the stars and always wondered if there were extraterrestrials living on one of them.  Frank has always been very interested in extraterrestrial life since his father had him looking at stars by the age of 5.  His mother had passed away when he was 6 and he has grown tremendously close to his father.  There was nothing he would rather do to please his dad by finding some sort of extraterrestrial life. He was never much of a religious man since his father never really cared about religion.  Frank graduated from RIT with his good friends Brian and Joe.  After RIT, Frank and Brian moved out to Arizona while Joe moved down to Florida and now he is the head of the Advisory Committee of NASA.  Frank is concentrating on one cluster in a constellation of stars in his work now.  He is focused on the cluster named Grumium in the Draco constellation. The constellation Draco was guessed to be about 1500 – 2000 light years away from Earth. He believes this group of stars is the best chance to find extraterrestrial life.  Both their lives were about to soon change.

            Brian walks into the office, “Do you realize we have looked at these stars for almost 4 months now and we haven’t noticed very much at all, What do you really think is going to come out from all of this?”

            “I still feel like this is the one that we have to search, if you want to search a new constellation than go ahead, but I’m going to complete my 6 month search on the Grumium cluster before I move on.”

Their search was going to entail getting data based on telescope reading and looking at computers to see information that could possibly give us clues at to a planets existence.

            After that Brian agreed to stay and look for the extraterrestrials and learn new information about the Grumium cluster.  Their job was to discover a planet located within the cluster, but both of them knew they really just wanted to find some sort of extraterrestrial life.  The next week came and went with no findings, just small things to make them believe they found something but they all turned out to be negative.  They were both starting to get slightly disappointed but they still wouldn’t quit trying to find anything until their time was up.  According to their time schedule, they still had 6 weeks remaining to locate a planet or even possible extraterrestrials.

            They arrived at work on Tuesday, February 19, 2020.  Frank seems to notice that over the last 2 months, a similar pattern has been forming on the computer screen that shows rotation in an ellipse pattern.  It seems to show that there is a developing pattern.  It seems that there is some sort of planet or something revolving around a sun, moon, or something else on a pattern of every 14 days.  Every 14 days for the last 4 cycles a new elliptical orbit would be forming.  This was a continuous pattern and an excellent sign that there was a planet there.  With signs of a continuous cycle, Frank had a very good opinion that there was a planet out there.

            Frank says, “Brian, I truly believe that we have found a planet in this cluster, everything here gives evidence of one.  The star I believe it’s located around is vλ.”

            “Should we go public with the discovery?”

            “Let’s keep it to ourselves for now, it would be a terrible thing to go public being only around 95% sure that there is actually a planet there.” 

            “Sounds like a good idea.”

Frank realized that this might be his best chance to locate extraterrestrials during his lifetime.  No one else knows about this planet as of now so he should be the only one trying to find it and life on it.  They had to focus in on getting a view of the planet.  They have to first find out whether or not the planet is actually suitable to life before using their time trying to find life on it.  Using the newly developed terrascope, a very highly powered device capable of viewing a planet’s surface by looking through it even from Earth, Frank hoped to determine some characteristics of his new planet.  Since Frank knew that vλ had right ascension at 17 hours and its declination at 65°.  With this knowledge Frank was about to know where to point the terrascope so he would be able to see the new planet The only reason you can’t use this device to locate planets is that it only will work for 20 seconds, then needs to rest for at least 50 days.  This device had an estimated cost of $14,000,000. This device was invented in 2017, and there is only been 2 of them made in the world.  It just happened to be that one of those 2 belonged to the company that Frank worked for and he was able to borrow it.  No one ever really thought that this type of invention was possible until it actually came out. 

            Frank got out the terrascope with the help of about 10 of his fellow colleagues.  The device weighed in at about 1300 pounds, but that had to get it into the observatory to use it.  Once everything was in, Frank was able to get his opportunity to look and it was the most amazing view he had ever seen “Brian, I see water.  There is definitely a lake, there is no doubt we have located a planet.  The thing is, if there is water it seems to me that there would be some sort of life.”

            “That’s amazing, I never would have thought there would actually be water there, which is even much better than we expected.”

            “It is definitely good; I see no sign of life anywhere but water and trees have to be a very good sign.”

Knowing that there is water on the planet tells the astronomers that the regular temperature on the planet can’t be to hot or to cold.  The temperature has to be in a range for which human life can exist or else water couldn’t exist in its liquid state.

“We now know where we have to look to attempt to intercept some sort of radio waves.”’

Brian replied, “Let’s give it a shot, hopefully we can find something.”


            Two weeks went by and nothing happened.  No signals were sent down to them and nothing was intercepted in space.  They finally thought about just going public with the finding of a planet and not be worried about the extraterrestrials.  Once this thought crossed their minds, they finally got the signal they have been waiting for.

            “Frank, something is going on, I just got a call from a janitor and the research center and he said we should come down immediately.”

            “What, what did he say, what’s going on?”

            “I’m not sure, but let’s go.”

They got to the research center and saw across the screen what they have been waiting to see.  The computer screen was flashing and beeping and said across the screen message.  Everyone believed it would be something from the extraterrestrial planet, but no one could no for sure.  Everyone just stood there in shock for a minute and then finally Frank and Brian walked over to the computer.  When they clicked the message it was definitely something that they could not comprehend immediately.  There was a message on the screen and Frank just stared at the screen and then he finally spoke.

            “Great, I’ve waited my whole life for this and now I have absolutely no idea what is actually in front of me.”

            “Don’t worry Frank, we will find some way to decode this message, they had to send something along with it that will help us understand it.  I also think that we have to tell everyone about this discovery.”

            “Your right, we do need to let some people know what is going on.”

            With this new information, Frank and Brian went to the President of the astronomy observatory.  Dr. Gibson, President of the center, sat down with them and went over all the information.  He needed to know that the 2 men were 100% positive that this planet existed.

            “Dr. Gibson, want you to come to our office so you can see more evidence. We received this earlier this morning.  It was a message that came from somewhere, we are guessing this unknown planet, but it is completely not legible in any sort of way.  There has to be some sort of way for knowing what all of this stuff means but right now I am completely clueless.  I don’t know if you want to tell the public about this part, or keep this secret while Brian and I look more into this message.”

            Dr. Gibson replied by “Ok. I am going to tell the public that we have located a new planet, which is located in the Draco constellation.  I will also let them know that you 2 men are in charge of all operations that go on in searching for extraterrestrial life there.  Are you sure that you don’t want to consult another astronomy lab to look at this before we go public with it?”

            “We are very sure Dr. Gibson, I’m positive and I will take all responsibility if it is later proven that there is nothing there.”

            With that settled, Frank and Brian went back to the lab where they were determined to find some sort of way to help them figure out the context of the message. 

            “Brian, there is some sort of table over in this corner which might give us some sort of information.  Do you understand what any of that junk means?”

            “I think it means that we just have to put all these pieces together and look at it as a whole, instead of it broken into these smaller pieces.”

            “Let’s give it a try”

The message was arranged in pieces that would fir together like a jigsaw puzzle but the pieces looked like none of them could possibly ever fit together.  When arranged all together, everything where they wanted it, all the pictures were in shapes that spelled out the word Hello.  This in a way freaked the 2 men out but they were excited they knew what was going on. 

            Frank than thought, “Well must be they know we are down there, they just don’t want to come down, I guess we will have to find our way up there to see them.”

            “Frank, are you out of your mind, there is no way we will be able to get up there.  You would need an incredible space shuttle.  This space shuttle would be incredible that it would have to be able to allow comfort to the passengers when being struck at 3 g’s for most of the trip.  We have many interesting new technologies here, but we do not have any space shuttles to take many light years away on hand. I’m basically telling you it is going to be impossible.”

            “It’s not impossible though, we have to contact Joe immediately.  He will be able to help us out in some way.  You know it yourself Brian, he is just as interested in extraterrestrials as we are.  He would love to be part of the process of locating the first one.”

            Brian realized Frank was making an excellent point since Joe was the Vice President of NASA they were sure he would be able to pull some strings.  If they were to contact NASA, the mission would have to go public but it was their only opportunity to get there, so they wanted to risk the opportunity. Frank decided he should definitely try calling Joe.

            “Hey Joe.  It’s Frank, how have you been?”

            “Good. How are you and what makes you call at 11Pm.  That means its 2 Am out in Arizona, something wrong?”

            “I’m great. I’m sorry it’s late, but I had to ask you a question, a very ridiculous but very important question.”

            “Sure, go ahead and ask.”

            “Well, Brian and I made a discovery over the last week.  As you probably heard we were in charge of finding the new planet.”

            Interrupting him, Joe said “and congratulations on finding a planet.  That is a major accomplishment in an astronomer’s life.”

            “Thank you.  But the important point is about extraterrestrial life.  2 days after we talked about finding this planet, we received a message from somewhere, which we believe to be this unknown planet.  This entire message said was Hello.  The message was in very clean English after it was finally put together.  It came in little pieces on the computer and it was nearly impossible to put the message together.  After it was completed though, the message had Hello written in our letters.”

            “Do you really believe they are extraterrestrials, and what does this have to do with me?”

            “Actually I was hoping you would be able to get us a shuttle and come along board with us to find these creatures, I know you have always had a thing for finding extraterrestrials, and this is your opportunity? What do you say?”

            “I would be honored to come on the shuttle and I will have one ready for us in about 3 months, be here by the 3rd of May to give us awhile to prepare for the journey.”

            “We will, thank you very much. Good bye.  Holy shit Brian, he is letting us go up to this constellation with him. He wants to be there to see these extraterrestrials”


Since it is such an amazingly large distance away, the crew is taking the highest powered shuttle ever invented; this shuttle called the Express is capable of traveling 5,000 light years in 2 years of time on Earth.  The journey will take about 6 to 8 years of time spent on Earth. They just sat back and relaxed for 2 months and then it came.  They got their bags packed and were headed to Florida to get ready to leave for the mission.


 Frank had to call his dad.

            “Dad, I’m going on this mission because of you, it was always your dream to know extraterrestrials are out there so I want to make sure you know.”

            “Son, just be careful, this would mean a lot to me but don’t do anything to stupid.”

            “I won’t dad; just promise me you’ll stay alive for the next 15 – 20 years so you will still be around when I get back.”

            “Don’t worry about me, I’m not going anywhere, have a safe trip. Bye.”


With that settled, they took off for Florida to get ready to leave on their mission. The mission would leave March 19, 2020

            The next day, they met Joe and got all the plans together to take off on their mission.  They had to go over the exact route they needed to take to get there.  It was decided that this would be pretty easy.  The 3 guys going up were told that they would be accelerated at 3 gees for the entire trip.  Normally this would be a very dangerous circumstance, but the Express contains new technology which makes it possible to withstand up to 3 g’s without doing bodily harm to an adult.

            We were all on board, ready to go and just waiting for take-off.

            “You ready to go Brian?”

            “Yes, you know you are not the only person that has waited for this day their whole life Frank”

            “I know, lets just hope everything runs smoothly”

            “It will”

            And with that, the countdown began. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and off.  They were on their way.  The take away went smoothly and there looked to be no serious problems.

            Joe just to make everyone feel good said “everything went very smoothly guys, just relax for a long time now, we will eventually reach our destination.”

            (Skipping 7 years of the shuttle trip).  Frank gets excited, “Everybody, I think we are closing in on our landing area.”

            “He’s right, but where should we go to now.  We have to find land or something soon”

With that, all 3 of the shuttle passengers looked out and down and saw something that looked so similar to a major city on Earth. 

            “There is no way I can believe what I see right now, we have to get down there immediately.”

            “There is no way this is actually happening.” said Brian.

            “Joe, are you good at landing this thing, I’ll try to scope out a good spot.”

            Frank left to go and try to find an area in which we could land out shuttle.  When he came back to tell him he found a spot to land, he had an amazing look on his face.

            “There is an airport below us, how do they have so much stuff like us and we didn’t even know of their existence?  This is a miracle.”

             “I can’t believe this, I never could have thought that extraterrestrials could possibly be such a civilized nation as we are” said Brian.

            With all 3 men in complete awe, the shuttle landed on one of the many runways.  When they got off they had a group of about 20 people looking at them.  They were all fairly normal looking people except that they were incredibly tall. There were all around 7 feet tall. All 3 were in complete amazement when they realized that these foreign people were speaking the English language. 

            Showing them the piece of paper, Frank asked if they sent this message to us.  All the extraterrestrials had to say was, yes we did.  Have you known we have been down there this entire time? The creature wrote his answer by saying we have known for over 500 years that your civilization has been down there, we copied many things from your civilization to ours. Will you show us around your city?

            “Yes. We would love to” said one of the men.

            They took a long journey around the city, everything resembling some things from back home.  None of them can even believe that they speak some English and they have buildings like there would be on Earth.  Frank came up with what he thought was a good idea.

            “Would a few of you like to come back to our planet and look around, see how similar the things actually are?”

            “We have been there plenty of times.  Everyone there just thinks we are normal people.  We basically just go there to get new ideas on what we can do to expand our country.  That is where we received the plan to make this airport. We would love to come back with you though and try to learn some more new things.”

            “Sounds good” said Frank.

            They all looked around this new planet for a few more months and then decided it was time to pack things up and head back to Earth with 3 more passengers than they started with. 

            “The trip takes us around 7 years, how long does it take you since you’ve obviously made it before?”

            “It takes us about 9 months to get there.”

            “Are you serious, can we take the same way you do for the way home?”

            “Yes, let’s go”

They decided they would just leave the space shuttle right there on the new planet.

They figured if this thing there about to get on is going to be that much quicker, maybe

the extraterrestrials would be able to show them how to make one of those.  They got on

board a very high tech space shuttle that traveled very quickly.  It seemed like they were

back to Earth in no time.  This time the shuttle landed in Rochester, NY, right where Frank grew up.

            “We have to take are new friends to my house and have them visit my father.”

            “That sounds fine.”

            “Dad, your not going to believe me at all, but these people with me are extraterrestrials; we found them on another planet.”

            “Amazing son, but how did you get back so quickly, it’s only been half the time you told me to wait.”

            “They had some magnificent machine up there that could make the trip in about 1/10 of what are fastest space shuttle could.”

            “Thank you son, I’ve always believed they were out there, now you have finally proved to me they are there.  That’s the one thing I wanted to hear before I ever passed away.”


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All rights reserved