“Glory Unto the Highest, And To The Weak Salvation!”

Joshua Harley

All rights reserved by the author


And it shall be that a great darkness will come to settle upon us all. The light will tremble at its presence and all but the brightest shall be extinguished. Those who are strong enough to be worthy will fight for their deliverance and they shall wrench it from those that have withheld it for so many ages. And when the creature looks upon the ruin of his empire he shall cry out in anguish, for all that was his will be lost to him. “


- Foretelling given by Jereb, leader of the anti-God movement


            Jereb walked down the road alone, as was usual for him. It was a cold and dreary day, as was usual for this time of year. His shoulders were hunched against the wind that chilled him, vainly trying to keep what little warmth his body produced. His manner was introspective, oblivious to his surroundings. The same thoughts that had exhausted themselves within his mind for the entire day still ran rampant. What a strange dream it had been the night before. Everything had felt so real, the emotions, the sensations. He had had dreams of this sort before of course. But how could this be one of those? This had been so bizarre in comparison. Normally these dreams foretold of a future event, but they had always been mundane, someone he would meet in a certain place, the things that would be said, actions that would occur. All these types of dreams were of this nature. But this, this had been monstrous, epic, and laced with horrible purpose.

            He had been standing in a place of darkness. Not a darkness devoid of light, but devoid of everything. There was nothing within this darkness except him, his being. Yet it was not himself within the darkness. It was as though he perceived someone else through that person’s senses, through that person’s thoughts. No, he was not merely watching through someone’s eyes. They were one being. He could hear the thoughts that tumbled within that mind. He could feel the emotions that arose. Vast and numerous they were, many too fast for him to interpret. He sensed something, but was unable to decipher it. Then it struck him, these thoughts and emotions were almost random. They jumped from one thing to another, garbled and confused. They had a sense of being erratic. They seemed feral, touched with insanity even!

He mentally recoiled; it was not a pleasant thought that a mind so vast and so powerful could be so deranged, yet for some reason it drew him. Then, the dream had shifted. Suddenly from the blackness came a light. Faint as it was they flinched at the sudden brightness of stars.  The view was amazing; in his sight stars innumerable lay before him. He stared in awe as they adjusted to the brightness. Then they moved toward this source of the light. It was a perfectly circular opening in the void. Cautiously did they move forward. Peering, searching, as if suspecting some danger. He could feel his mind probing at the darkness with senses he did not know in his other body. Upon satisfaction that there was no danger they leapt toward the opening and bolted through it.  Elation rang through their body, overpowering all the other numerous emotions and thoughts. Pure joy seemed to flow through their entire being. At last, they were free. They were free and they would have their vengeance upon the cruel and unjust one who had imprisoned them for so long! Laughter bubbled from deep within their being spilling into the vacuum around them. It was not a sound per se, but he felt the maniacal joy behind it. That laughter, both so sweet and so twisted followed him all the way back to his room as his consciousness fled back into his own body. He awoke with a start, still hearing the laughter ring within his mind. Then rolled over and shut off his alarm.

That had been this morning. The memory of that dream had plagued him for the entire day, making him unable to focus within the confines of school. Not that he could ever really focus in that place. It was all much too simple for him and he knew it. He hated the fact that he had to be there and the frustration kept building as the years went on. It was just another thing that fueled the anger that burned deeply within him. There were so many things that he could feel were wrong, and there was nothing that he could do about it. His nature was suspicious of all things status quo, and he found out that there was a very good reason for this as he studied each thing that came to his attention more closely.

What had really startled him was the realization he had stumbled upon one day while pondering what it was that bothered him so badly about the world and its workings. He realized that his entire planet was breeding mediocrity. By taking away almost all the dangers that lay within the world everyone was becoming more and more content, and less and less happy. Without strife there was no joy, everything became almost meaningless. This could account for so many things that were trying to be explained. The rising percentages of divorce rates, the increase in adolescent crime and drug abuse. There was something essential missing from the human experience and they all were searching for meaning where none lay. This epiphany had jerked his entire awareness in a new direction. He began to look at all things in a new perspective.

Other things changed about him with this realization as well. His thought processes obviously, but his moods began to change as well. What he had thought of as wildly emotional in the past seemed to be flat, detached. He now knew that the human ego was capable of so much more, but in all likelihood he would never experience that, not without some radical change effecting society as he knew it.

He continued to plod home. Suddenly he was not where he had been a moment before. Frozen in what he thought had been mid-stride he peered about. He was surrounded by stars again. This seemed familiar somehow. He shook his head. Of course this was familiar. He had been here many times. What an odd thought to have had. Still that sense of awe seemed to survive in the back of his mind, distant though it was. He turned his attention around him. It was beautiful; he had not paid enough attention to this place of wonder as he should. Familiar things lost their luster, but still, this was breathtaking after all. What a wonderful place to live.

He found himself lying in the ditch next to where he had been walking. Peering around curiously he righted himself, and then stood. What had happened? That was very much like one of his dreams. It was as though he had been there, out amongst the stars. Yet, he was awake. This had never happened before. Shaken he stood and continued on his way. What was happening to him?


He arrived home to find the house empty. That was excellent, now he would not have to explain his dirty clothing to anyone. He quickly stripped and put his soiled garb into the laundry, hoping no one would really notice how filthy his school clothes were. Distractedly Jereb climbed the stairs into his room to find something clean to wear. He was greatly troubled by what had happened, as anyone would have been.

While robing, he decided to shower instead, and walked to the bathroom. He turned the faucet so that hot water would pervade the stream of water. As the steam arose he slipped from his boxers and jumped into the shower stall. Turning his face to the stream he let the water caress his tired muscles. He breathed deeply, and his heart quickened. His eyes opened as he reached for the soap, but his shower stall was gone. He stood outside somewhere, yet it was unlike anyplace he had ever seen before. There were purple mountaintops in the background, yet this place seemed strange. The stars over the horizon were too clear, too sharp. There was no twinkle to them. He shook his head; that odd feeling of disorientation had taken him again. He looked down at what he grasped in his hand. It was a blade of clear material, crystal like. It shimmered and sparkled with starlight. As his eyes traveled along the blade they met with the torso of another being at the tip.

Before him, arms bound behind, kneeled a figure that caused him great disgust. It was a spy amongst their ranks, trying to report them to the abomination. Rage flooded him. Foul, that is what this one before him was! They perpetuated the stagnation that had come over their once proud and free people. They helped hinder the ascension because of their cowardice! The traitor kneeled before him, head lowered in resignation. He knew the extent of his own weakness!

“Matcharaziel, you are charged with treason of the highest. You have served those that would bring our ruin, and would perpetuate our stagnation until the end of time! There is no need to hear your arguments for we all know that it is true. No words shall you be allowed in these, your last moments, you are unworthy. We now remove your weakness.” With those final words the traitor raised his eyes, his cheeks stained with tears.

“Thank you for my freedom from the bondage I could not break myself.” With that the blade was raised then reversed its course, cleanly removing Matcharaziel’s head from his body. Jereb shut his eyes as warm blood covered his face. It seemed to never end. When he opened his eyes to see why the blood still flew he found that he was back in the shower, the warm water running over his body. He sank to the floor of the stall and began to weep.

“I am going insane.”


Jereb’s mother arrived home late that night. She had been kept late at work. Her nostrils flared and the aroma of food flooded saturated the air as the door opened. Jereb is such a good boy. He always had dinner ready for her on these late nights.

She heavily set her briefcase and jacket upon the floor before removing her shoes and throwing them under the coffee table next to the door.

“I’m home honey,” she called as slowly making her way to the kitchen. Upon entering she found her place set with a note resting upon her plate.


Your dinner is in the oven. Just turn it up for a few

            minutes. I’m tired so going to sleep. Talk to you





            Such a sweet boy.





            Upstairs Jereb lay in his bed grasping a pillow to his chest. Completely introverted he rocked back and forth in his fetal position trying to calm the raging torrent of his mind. He slipped from place to place mentally. A rapid-fire slide show of lives and memories that weren’t his congested his mind. They could not possibly be his because many times he was not on Earth. He was amongst the stars. Looking into infinity one moment then slammed back into his room the next. The change in scenery was more than he could handle. Sobbing he continued to rock until physically exhausted he slipped into pseudo-conciseness. Still the memory-nightmares flooded his mind. When they finally stopped he fell fully into sleep.

            He awoke to the screeching of his alarm. Bolting upright Jereb sat panting. His eyes wildly searched the room. Seeing only the familiar surroundings of his room he collapsed, his body aching from the wracking sobs of the night before. His fist silenced the alarm, and from the sound of it, it was a permanent condition. Sleep overtook him again.


            He was standing in a large clearing in a lush temperate forest. Warm summer breezes slid along his exposed skin. Cicadas could be heard along with the rustling of the grass. He turned his face to the sky. It was nearly time. His arms spread wide and reached for the heavens. He embraced the sky, the clouds, the sun, all of it. He continued to reach upward. Further and further he spread his being until he was touching the clouds. He was free. He was still corporeal, but he was also not. It was as though he could switch between these states at will. He saw what it was he was reaching for. The stream that flowed across the Earth became visible to him. He was moving toward it. When he joined it he would be complete. No longer would he be forever searching for that which he knew in the very core of his being was missing.

            He was nearly there and could feel the tendrils of that stream reach for him. Bliss began to form. Then all halted. He felt something grab what would have been his ankles and wrench him backward. He cried out in anguish. NO! I was almost there! I was almost complete! Wordlessly his horror and dismay was brought to the world vocally. He then was in the presence of a being the likes of which he had never seen. All he knew was that this thing was what had pulled him from his eternity of searching. He lunged for it but rebounded from an unseen barrier.

            It laughed at him before it spoke. “Now I have you. You shall love me and you shall be my lap dog. I can see the hate in your eyes so I give you a fitting task. You shall circle me for all eternity singing my glory. That shall be quite fitting don’t you think, little pet?”

            Fury blinded him. The compulsion to do as was ordered sank into him as a rock into water. Still the fury raged on. Even as he felt the love for this thing grow within him so did the hatred. Two forces raged within him. Love and hate rebounded in his mind. Lightning flashed around him. Fire engulfed him. He slowly began to change. His face began to split, not unlike some gross amoeba undergoing reproduction. Wings sprouted from his back. Two restrained his hands, and two his feet. Two carried him aloft. His one face began to sing praises to this thing that had taken everything he had worked for for so long, while the other spewed forth insults and vented his rage.

            “You are a spirited one. I am glad that I caught you. You would have made trouble for me indeed were you allowed to be free. Not that any of your kind shall be allowed freedom. I shall enslave you all to suit my every whim and make this universe my plaything with your power. Yes, I shall enjoy this very much.” It smirked and Jereb was so enraged that darkness overcame him.


            Jereb awoke with a sharp pain in the area of his gonads. His dog, Lucky, had vaulted onto his most favorite of places to waken him from deep sleep.

            “Jesus Christ Lucky, I’m going crazy and you just have to jump on my nuts anyway.” Groaning he rolled onto his side to find a black, wet, nose touching his. It sniffed at his face then expelled massive quantities of air and wetness from mere centimeters. “Goddamn dog! You always have to sneeze right in my face don’t you? Thanks for adding insult to injury. Worthless mutt.” Patting Lucky affectionately, Jereb tenderly made his way to the bathroom to wash his face. “Fucking dog,” he mumbled as he closed the door. Panting from his bed area was the only reply he got.


            He was tired of these visions that plagued him. Yet, this entire day not one had come to him. It was as though the last he had had was paramount somehow. Perhaps he wasn’t going mad after all? Perhaps this was just another symptom of it.  He didn’t know nor care. He had skipped school, after that ordeal there was nothing on Earth that would compel him to go on this day. He needed a break very badly and thus he took one.

            He had merely lay on his bed all day and vegetated. Periodically he would turn onto his side and stare out the window at the miserably gray day. He traveled through varying states of consciousness. Finally he decided to get up and take a shower around mid afternoon. He was wary of it at first, thinking perhaps it would cause him to slip into another vision, as it had before. But his entire shower went without event. Confused and relieved he made his way downstairs to forage for some food. Rummaging in the refrigerator he found the necessary components to make a suitable sandwich. After completing his culinary masterpiece he placed it upon a plate and sat down at the table.

            As he was about to partake of his first mouthful he was launched into another bout of images. Incoherent again, he could make no sense of them. His mind was merely overloaded. He was vaguely aware of falling to the floor and lying there. Just as suddenly as the images began, they stopped. A voice boomed within his skull.

            “Jereb! This is the beginning! You shall lead us into salvation. Use the knowledge we have given you to tell the people what they shall face in the future and prepare them for it. You have many lifetimes yet to prepare for his coming. Many of you will not survive. Fear not, for only the greatest shall remain, purifying our people and making them stronger than you could have imagined. Even though he has tainted all of time we have conceived of a way to change that, and that way is you! We have taken you outside of time as It and we are. No longer a part of this universe you cannot be affected by It. Now go and fulfill your charge!” The voice faded with the last sentence, but lost none of its weight or command.

            Jereb sat up and began sobbing. This quickly became laughter, only to once again become weeping. When his mother arrived home Jereb was still sitting upon the floor, arms wrapped around his knees, in hysterics.

            “Oh my God, Jereb are you alright” she rushed to kneel by his side.

            “I’m perfectly fine mom,” the answer was broken by fits of laughter and weeping.

            “I just found out that I’m going to save us all,” and with that laughter once again burst forth from his body. The maniacal edge sent a chill along his mother’s spine, and she shuddered.


© Copyright 2004 by the author

All rights reserved