“Switching Lanes”

Dustin Cidorowich

All rights reserved by the author


            Vaughn raced through the metal corridor, listening closely to Ron, who was on the other end of his earpiece directing him out of the complex, while the sounds of yelling and gunshots echoed behind him.

            “There should be a door on your left.”

            “I see it.”

            “Take that and there should be a circular door with a vent above it, the vent will lead you upwards about 50 feet before you taste fresh air.”

            “Okay, I should be back at headquarters shortly.”

Vaughn kicked open the door on his left and pulled himself up into the vent at the end of the hallway.  He speedily crawled up the vent and burst out of it into the dry stale air.  Ten seconds later he was panting back at the CIA headquarters in Los Angeles several thousand of miles away.


            Andrew Vaughn, a top CIA operative was born in Colorado, and had a normal lifestyle until a bizarre accident occurred at the tender age of ten.  He was struck by lightning, however sustained no external or internal damage besides a small cut on the side of his abdomen.  He would not know for many years, but this scar slowly formed a design, which would later be found to be symbolic.  He was a bit shaken up after being struck by the lightning, but gained an unusual ability.  After the incident, Andrew was not injured and could feel no damage, so he kept this incident a secret until a couple years later.  It was at this time when he discovered he could transport himself from one place to another upon will.  This unusual form of transportation is known as teleportation.  However teleportation involves entangling two identical particles, and once these particles are entangled, they behave as one.  So whatever you do to one particle, the other one does the same thing.  Human teleportation seemed out of the picture, but somehow, Andrew’s super charged body was able to store enough energy in it for him to teleport himself.  He didn’t realize how potentially useful this was at the time, but Andrew was able to do so much for his country in the following couple of decades.

            At the young age of 17, the CIA, who had been tracking him over the past six months, discovered Andrew’s abilities.  His unusual behavior had caught certain peoples eyes, and the CIA took note of this.  James Valkyrie was actually responsible for the discovery, and brought Andrew into his department a few months before Andrew’s 18th birthday.  Andrew’s real name was Kevin, but upon joining the CIA, to keep his family identity a secret his alias became Andrew Vaughn.  His parents, who were not exactly able to take in all this information in a few short days, were forced to move to the east coast, to keep them as safe as possible from future enemies.

CIA researchers studied Andrew, and could not explain how he was able to teleport himself.  At this point in time, only photons and single atoms had been teleported in a lab.  Teleportation not involving entanglement disobeys the laws of physics.  The amount of energy and information required to teleport an object without entangling the objects is too large to be feasible.  Andrew had so much energy stored in his body, it was a miracle he could survive.  Scientists were in disbelief and could not find a logical explanation for Andrews’s ability. 

Andrew then underwent a special training program, and took part in his first mission when he was 19.  Because of his unique ability, it was best Andrew went on his missions alone, because if something went wrong, he could always vanish and reappear somewhere else whenever he needed to.  However, KGB operatives in Russia as well as other secret agent organizations soon realized why they could never catch this Vaughn agent.  People saw him vanish into thin air right underneath their nose, but soon enough they realized what he was doing.  After all, these are intelligent people Andrew was dealing with.  They began fortifying their buildings with an electromagnetic field that disrupted the transporting of energy used by Andrew to teleport himself, disabling his ability when inside these magnetic fields.  This also made it difficult for Andrew to drop right into the mist of a secret complex and steal useful information right under the nose of the enemy like he was able to do when he first went on missions.


After returning to headquarters, Andrew entered the conference room where he met with the other members of his operating team.  Ron was in charge of communications and was a computer genius.  He was the kid who was the target of all the jokes in high school.  Dave was another young CIA operative similar to Andrew, and shared many interests with Andrew.  Dave kind of took him under his wing when he joined the CIA.  Dave often traveled with Andrew to CIA complexes in other countries, and participated as much as he could in Andrews missions without putting either of the two’s lives in jeopardy.  Dave and Andrew had formed a friendship outside the office as well.  Ivey was an informant, and her long brown hair and blue eyes had caught Andrew’s attention a few months ago.  She had impressed Andrew thus far, and the two had been dating for about two months now.  She helped retrieve valuable information used on Andrew’s missions.  James was Andrew’s boss.  He was head of operations for most of Andrew’s missions, and had actually been the one who discovered Andrew, which is why he felt the need to work with Andrew.

“As you know, Andrew was successful in Africa and was able to copy the information needed to destroy the virus” said James.

“We’ve uploaded the data and the virus is currently being quarantined as we speak,” said Ron.

Andrew’s eyes occasionally wandered over to his female counterpart.  The meeting was short, and James quickly overviewed the essentials.  The mission had been successful, and the virus was currently being stopped.  This virus was a very complex virus, and it had been tracked and discovered that it targeted doctors computers and interfered with their important documents.  It was a potentially devastating virus, which would cause billions of dollars in damage.  As everyone was leaving, Andrew got up and walked out the door with Ivey.

“How was your trip to Africa?” asked Ivey.

“It was fine, same as always.  I missed you.  What do you say we go out and celebrate tonight?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“I was thinking of heading over to Dundee’s Bar.  How about I pick you up at 9:00.”

“Alright, see you then.”

The two walked off in separate directions to their cars and got ready to go out for the first time in several days.

            As 9:00 rolled around, Andrew picked up Ivey and went off to the bar.  They spent most of the night getting caught up with each other; after all, Andrew was away a lot of the time.  After they had each had a few drinks they decided it was time to leave.  On the way back, Andrew went to Ivey’s house and had another couple of drinks with her at her house.  He didn’t leave till the next morning.


The next day, both were back at work, and something had happened the night before which interfered with another mission, and it had been discovered of an insider helping the enemy.  A lot of people were busy, because of the newly discovered mole within the CIA, who leaked information to the KGB.

            Andrew and the rest of their team were concentrating on their next mission, which was stealing another artifact to help decode the Calpulli document.  The Calpulli document is believed to contain unknown mythical powers that will become useful once the document is solved.  However, with these powers in the wrong hands, the world could be in a lot of trouble.

This time Andrew would be teleporting himself to Moscow.  This is where the KGB operated out of and was holding the artifact of interest to the CIA.  Due to the recent upgrades of Russian structures, Vaughn would need to teleport himself near the building, but then had to work his way inside the hard way.  He would leave the following day at noon.

The plane was boarding Andrew and his fellow CIA team members, Andrew flew with everyone else, instead of teleporting.  It gave him a chance to socialize and spend some quality time with his friends, something that’s hard to come by in their line of work.  After all, what’s a CIA spy going to do in Moscow for 15 hours while waiting for a planes arrival.  After the long flight, the passengers exited the plane at a private landing strip, and proceeded to go about their business for the mission.  They set up a little camp with all there computers and communications systems, and quickly had a satellite image of the building Andrew was going , while Ron uploaded a map for the inside of the building.  When he had the map up and running, he outlined Andrews route and objective, and showed him some backup exits if something went wrong.  The loss of an agent with the ability of Andrew could not be afforded.  His own life was his main priority, stealing the Calpulli artifact came second.

As Andrew got his gear ready, Ivey was warning him, and she was beginning to irritate him with her constant nagging about being careful.  She was only looking out for Andrew’s well-being, but nonetheless he told her to stop in a rather hot-tempered tone.  He knew what he had to do, and he liked to focus on what he was about to do before doing it, so he didn’t want to hear Ivey’s voice telling him what to do.


Andrew found himself standing outside a dark gray metallic structure that was located about 20 miles away from Ivey and the rest of his team.  He made sure he still had contact with Ron, and proceeded when he had Ron’s confirmation. 

“Ron you there?”

“ERR, roger, I’m standing by, over and out.”

Ron usually acted childish at moments like this.  He felt lightening the mood in this situation made everyone perform his or her duty better.

The cold wind bit at Andrew as he crept to the building, and punched in the code, which Ron had stolen via computer networking.  He was in, and quickly shut the door and walked into the heated hallway.  He had to manage to sneak by several guards, hopefully evading them, but he did have alternative methods if it got physical.  The artifact lay right below the central control room, resting in a class case.  Getting to the artifact, which was nothing more than a 4”x 4” bronze colored cube, was the easy part.  It was getting out that was hard, because the removal of the artifact from the plate it was resting on would trigger an alarm if an unauthorized figure removed it.  Ron decided it would take to long to disarm the alarm, and Andrew had a better chance of grabbing the artifact and making it outside, because once he was outside he was home free.


Andrew swiftly moved about inside the corridors weaving in and out of rooms avoiding any security figures.  He made it to the room with the artifact, and approached cautiously.  Something didn’t sit right.  He looked around but could find nothing wrong with the situation.  He opened the case, and quickly removed the artifact and ran towards the door.  Once in the hall, he could hear footsteps running behind him.  He thought to himself,

“They must have just made it past the control room and found the artifact gone, I don’t have much time.”

Andrew continued running for another minute or so before he saw ahead the exit.  The guards were only a short distance behind him, trying to get a clear shot.  This is where his ability was useless for the magnetic field surrounding him would only allow him to teleport within the building.  Within 30 feet of the door, a stray bullet ricocheted of the metal wall and tore a small chunk out right above Andrew’s knee.  He stumbled but managed to hold his balance and slowly limped to the door.  By this time, the guards were in plain site and took fire.  Andrew was shot two more times while escaping through the door.  As soon as he tasted fresh air, he was gone, only shortly to reappear right near the rest of his counterparts.  Ron, Dave, Ivey and James were all stunned to see this bloody heap appear before them.  An instant later, Dave was taking care of Andrew to the best of his ability while Ivey and James frantically called for help.  Five minutes later, a couple of helicopters landed, and secured the area while two doctors came out and put Andrew on a stretcher and brought him to the helicopter.

As Andrew arrived at the hospital, Ivey, James and the rest of the team followed closely behind.  He was wheeled into the emergency room, and there he lay motionless.  At this point the doctors had stopped the bleeding and removed the bullets.  As Andrew’s friends waited outside, the doctors examined Andrew.  About a half hour later a doctor came out and shared the news. 

“The good side is he’s alive, and it’s a miracle after being shot three times.”

 Ivey gasped, with a big sigh of relief. 

“The bad news is he’s in a coma and there’s no way of telling how long it will be until he becomes conscience if he ever does at all.”

All that was heard after that was a choked sob.


© Copyright 2004 by the author

All rights reserved