The Android Times
Volume 1, Number 2

Published by the students and faculty of the First Year Seminar :
"To Boldly Go: the science and fiction of space travel, time travel and aliens"
Daniel Koon, Instructor/Editor

St. Lawrence University
All rights reserved by the authors

"Untitled" (zero-point energy)    Tucker Burr
"Super-evolved death birds with yellow throats" (wormhole travel)    Ben Case
"Switching lanes" (teleportation)    Dustin Cidorowich
"Contact with the Q'Tal" (antimatter space drive)    Stephen Ciesla
"Life on Earth as we know it" (life under extreme conditions)    Jason Condro
"The city in search of a home" (warp drive)    Ben Evans
"Late arrival" (alien psychology)    Andrew Feathers
"A second chance at Eden" (panspermia)    Christy Lee Fessler
"Black sheep" (manned mission to Mars)    Samwise Fuller
"Sunglasses?" (The Drake equation)    Peter Glass
"Glory unto the highest. And for the weak, salvation!" (historical/Biblical UFOs)    Joshua Harley
"Finding the creatures" (SETI)    Mike Hilts
"Wolf 359" (solar sails)    Adrian Johnson
"Asteroid 25Palmer2102" (search for extrasolar planets)    Jamie Lomax
"Another leap for mankind" (permanent lunar base)    Tim Morse
"Ramming reality" (ramjet propulsion)    Daniel Nuņez
"Prophecies" (Raelianism)    Jesse Remillard
"Tachyonic beings" (faster than light travel)    Sahiry Rodriguez
"Time and again" (the authorless manuscript paradox)    D. K. Leidy

Cover art Copyright 2004 by Sahiry Rodriguez and Peter Glass