Zachary Dupray

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            The year is three thousand and thirty. Thanks to nanotechnology, machinery and tools have advanced to a stage never thought possible. Hand-held computers equipped with trillions of bytes of memory are common place. Guns have given way to a newer, more accurate counterpart: the nano laser. As presidential elections draw nearer, the evil Shawn Carter plots for world domination if inaugurated.

            “Our robot army and nano laser guns are almost fully completed sir,” said Clifford Smith, the secretary of Shawn Carter.

“Excellent, Clifford ole boy, excellent,” replied Shawn Carter.

Clifford Smith was an average man, not too big, not too small, with high cheeks bones and a sinister smile. A perfect fit for his boss. Shawn Carter was the founder of Carter Laboratories which was the leading manufacturing company in the world for computer nanotechnology. He grew up as the heir of the Carter fortune. His father, George Carter was the founder of the Nanotechnology Corporation. The Nanotechnology Corporation was the founder of the biggest computer electronics program in the world. Unfortunately, George Carter passed away when Shawn was just a kid of 7 years. At 21 years of age, the Carter fortune was given to Shawn and to this day he is rated as number two in Forbes magazine for the richest man in the world. Shawn Carter does what he wants and when he wants. So, once he was old enough he decided to run for president. The whole west coast absolutely loved him. He has donated billions of dollars to charity and has yet to be found guilty of any wrongdoings even though the paparazzi follow his every move. However, within the past 3 years or so, Shawn has become the single largest importer of drugs in the world. With this illustrious job, an addiction tagged on soon after which caused substantial deterioration of brain cells and in turn affected the rationality of his thinking. In the year 3030, Shawn Carter has an extremely short temper and when things don’t go his way he becomes psychotically angry. Since everyone respects him as an upstanding citizen, he will do whatever is necessary to cover up his drug lord ties.

It’s a late November night in Palo Alto. It’s rather cloudy out and a storm seems to be brewing off in the distance.

“Everything looks good in this room Teren,” said John Owens.

“Superb,” replied Teren Jones, “only a few more rooms and we’re out of here for the night.”

“Yeah I can’t wait.”

John Owens and Teren Jones were government building inspectors. Both are young men in their twenties that have been best buddies since high-school. They are both single men that don’t do much with their lives except work and drink beer at their favorite local tavern. This is what they’re best at and very seldom shy away to experience any other social activities. John and Teren are very patriotic citizens and support Shawn Carter to the fullest.

“I suppose I’ll go check out the southern wing,” uttered Teren.

“Alright, sounds good to me. I guess I’ll take the west,” said John.

While strolling down a hallway in the southern wing of building 228, Teren stumbled upon a door sealed air tight. He lightly pressed his ear to the door and listened in for a second. He could hear banging and hissing of machines moving around inside. Being the curious person that he is, Teren pulled out his nano torch and sliced a hole through the door large enough for him to fit through. Once he had a look of what the room contained, a perplexed look fell on his face. Inside was a gigantic room filled with armed robots. After realizing what he had found, Teren jumped back through the hole in the door and into the hallway as quick as possible. No sooner could he stand up, than John was standing there.

Teren, Teren, Teren,” yelled John excitedly, “you’ll never believe what I found.”

“What is it John? What is it?”

“I found this humongous room lined with crates filled with drugs,” exclaimed John. 

            “Oh dear lord,” said Teren. “You’ll never guess what I found either.”

            “What’s that Teren?”

            “I found a gigantic room full of military equipped robots,” said Teren.

            “I don’t like this Teren. I think we found something we shouldn’t have,” spoke John.

            “Yeah no kidding,” Replied Teren, “whatever is going on here is definitely weird and I’m afraid Shawn Carter doesn’t want people knowing about his little operation.”

            Teren Jones and John Owens proceeded to leave building 228 of Carter Laboratories very quickly. They hopped into their air speeder and flew away into the gloomy November night.

Presidential elections are 3 days away and Shawn Carter is the favored candidate.

            Teren and John arrived at Fitzy’s Tavern around one o’clock. Over a few drinks they talked about the mysterious findings they saw at Carter Laboratories building 228 earlier in the evening.

            “What do you think we should do Teren,” asked John puzzled.

            “Well, I don’t think we should panic,” explained Teren, “maybe Carter doesn’t know what’s going on in building 228. After all, this is Shawn Carter we are talking about. He’s loved by everyone. How could he possibly be behind something this immoral?”

            “Good point. Let’s just make an appointment to meet with Carter tomorrow and we’ll get this whole mess straightened out,” said John.

            “That sounds good to me. I’m sure this is a whole big misunderstanding,” spoke Teren.

            “For now though, I have a better idea,” uttered John.

            “Oh yeah, and what is that?” asked Teren.

            “One more beer before we go.”

            “You just read my mind John.”

            The next morning Teren and John drove down to Carter’s office and demanded to speak with the man everyone seemed to love.

            “You have 5 minutes my friends, no more,” said Clifford Smith, “Mr. Carter is a very busy man.”

            Teren and John nervously walked into Shawn Carter’s office. It was like they thought they were seeing God himself. Just goes to show how powerful a man Shawn Carter truly is.   

            “Excuse me sir,” said Teren, “my name is Teren Jones and this is my partner John Owens. We’re building inspectors for the government, sir.”

            “Yes,” uttered Shawn Carter, “and what is it that I can do for you gentlemen today?”

            “Well sir,” Teren spoke up, “we were inspecting one of your buildings at Carter Laboratories and we stumbled across some very odd things, sir.”

            Nervously, Shawn Carter said, “Oh really? And what did you find gentlemen?”

            “Well sir,” said Teren, “we found some robots that appear to have been armed with military style weapons and also massive amounts of illegal drugs. We didn’t want to go to the authorities because we know your reputation as one of the nicest men one could ever meet, so we decided to ask you personally. We think someone else is behind this whole deal and we just wanted to let you know what is going on in your laboratories.”

            With a shocked look on his face, Shawn Carter recovered himself and spoke up, “Gentlemen, how would you like to be rich?”

            “Excuse me sir?”

            “Just pretend you didn’t see anything in my laboratories and I’ll give you enough money that you’ll both be set for life and never have to work again,” said Shawn Carter.

            “You scoundrel,” shouted John, “we might not be rich, but at least we make an honest living. You’re a drug lord! You’re a no-good filthy son-of-a-bitch!”

            Absolutely stunned, Shawn Carter sat behind his big mahogany desk and took every word John said without even blinking. Teren and John stormed out of the room and left Shawn Carter there with his jaw hanging open wondering what had just happened.

            “Clifford, get in here immediately!” shouted Mr. Carter.

            “What’s wrong sir?”

            “Those two government inspectors that just left, Teren Jones and John Owens, I want disposed of pronto! They are onto my operation and I can’t have them leaking this to the media. Elections are two days away and I’m so close to becoming president. I’m not going to let these two punks ruin me Clifford!” cried Shawn Carter.

            Teren and John went back to their favorite tavern to discuss what had happened.

            “I can’t believe this,” said Teren, “do you realize what we have done? We’ve uncovered the biggest scandal in history!”

            “That is true,” replied John, “now the question is what we are going to do about it?”

            “We can’t go to the authorities because we have no evidence plus we don’t’ have time for legal action. It’s too late to go to the media. Elections are in two days and we can’t have the monster become president. Who knows how he would run this country. I say we take action right away.”

            “And how do you propose we do that?” asked John.

            “We’ll organize a special team and go in and infiltrate his home.”

            “What do we do once we catch him?” responded John.

            “We’ll cross that bridge once we get to it,” said Teren confidently, “for now we have a lot of work ahead of us.”

            “I’m in all the way.”

            Teren and John began working on their plan at once. First off, they needed a team to work with. They contacted a few of their old army buddies, Ricardo Brown and Anthony Cruz. However, they needed a fifth member, but all the rest of their old buddies were either in jail, unavailable, or dead. Teren knew of a guy but was hesitant on contacting him. This was his cousin Russell Jones. Russell grew up on the streets and never had much of a home life. He was always in trouble and hung out with the wrong crowd. Because of this, Russell was as rough and tough as they come. He knows the streets and that’s it. As an experienced fighter and miscreant, he was the perfect man for the job. Conversely, these are the precise reasons why Teren didn’t want to ask him but with time running out he had no choice.

            “Hello… hello… is Russell there?” asked Teren over the phone.

            “Yeah this is Russell, who the fuck is this?”

            “Russell, hey, this is your cousin Teren.”

            “Oh what’s up cuz?” responded Russell.

            “Well I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place and I need your help to get me out,” stated Teren.

            Coolly, Russell just said, “Fuck yeah, I’m here man, count me in, we ride together, we die together.”

            Now that their team was together, Teren and John devised a plan to penetrate Shawn Carter’s home and capture the dirty rotten drug lord. The polls opened the following day, and with time running out, the pressure was on.


“Clifford, I’m going to bed. I’m going to have a long day tomorrow winning the elections and all. Set the security dials and make sure the robots and standing guard,” demanded Shawn Carter.

            “Yes sir,” complied Clifford.

            Teren, John, Ricardo, Anthony, and Russell crawled through the sewers until they reached Shawn Carter’s estate. Once they arrived to the right sewer run-offs, they split up. Teren went with John Ricardo went with Anthony, and a stubborn Russell went by himself. The run-off Ricardo and Anthony picked came up right near the front door. Not a very good choice. The security systems went off immediately and right after a group of robots equipped with pin-point laser beams thanks to nanotechnology came to investigate the disturbance.

The tiny nano springs and materials implanted in the laser guns enabled the robots to acquire a target with pin point accuracy and then totally annihilate it.

Ricardo and Anthony attacked with precision shots to the heads and torsos of the robots which left them in a steaming pile of rubble. Teren and John got a little luckier. Their run-off came up near the back door. Two robots always patrol the back door, but since the alarms went off they hurriedly ran away to explore the commotion. Using his nano torch, Teren hurriedly cut a perfect size hole in the back door.

The nano torch was a small cylinder the size of a pen. When the button on the side was pushed a small blue flame was emitted from one end. This flame was hot enough to cut through even the most powerful of metals.

They entered undetected. On the other hand, Russell got lost.

            Goddamnit, what the fuck am I doing in this sewer? It smells like shit in here,” exclaimed Russell.

            After Ricardo and Anthony had fought off the first wave of robots, they proceeded to enter through the front door. While attempting to cut a hole in the door with their nano torch, the same robots they shot down had repaired themselves already and began shooting back. Ricardo took a hit to the arm and the leg, while poor Anthony took one directly to the head. There’s one man down. Wheezing on his last breath, Ricardo sat there while the robots continued to walk up to him. He knew he only had a few moments left to live. Suddenly, someone began shooting from off in the distance, and the robots were once again just piles of rubbish heap. Russell appeared from around the corner of the building, with the lasers blazing in each hand. He proceeded to incinerate the robots by shooting each one many, many, times. Russell came to the rescue. He was indeed the man for the job.

Inside, Shawn Carter awoke to the security system going haywire. He jumped out of his bed to see what was going on outside. He called for Clifford, but Clifford didn’t answer. He turned off the security system and made his way down the hallway which led to the downstairs part of the mansion. However, before he got to the end of the hall, Mr. Carter was meant by Teren Jones and John Owens.

“And where were you off to in such a hurry Mr. Carter?” asked Teren.

Mr. Carter’s face turned as white as a ghost. He turned around and tried to make a run for it. He made it to his room and locked the door before either Teren or John could get there. Once inside, he grabbed his miniature laser. Teren and John rushed the door like stampeding elephants and it surprisingly fell like a ton of bricks. Before they could react, Shawn Carter had opened fire on the two renegades. Teren took a shot to the knee while John took a shot to the shoulder. Both men fell to the floor with no defense whatsoever. Mr. Carter walked up and pointed the laser at both of them.

“Oh, now the tables have turned haven’t they gentleman? Looks like I won once again. You see, tomorrow I’m going to not only be the richest man in the world, but also the most powerful. With the United States’ military capabilities, I’ll be over to take over the world quite easily. You both put forth a valiant effort, but I’m afraid it wasn’t enough…”

“Freeze muthafucka.”

Russell was standing behind Shawn Carter with a laser pointed directly at his cranium.

“What the fuck’s up now bitch?” yelled Russell.

Right after the profanity ceased a laser blast to the back dropped Russell. In the sudden uproar, Teren and John jumped up and began to fight Shawn Carter and Clifford Smith. Since Clifford killed his cousin, Teren hammered him into a bloody pulp until he was unconscious. The fight between Shawn Carter and John Owens was pretty fair-sided however. Finally, John got Shawn to the ground and began busting him in the face with punch after punch. It was clearly over and Shawn had lost, but John kept it up until Teren pulled him off Mr. Carter. John pushed Teren away and grabbed his laser and pointed it directly at Shawn Carter’s forehead.

“No John, don’t do it,” cried Teren, “he’s not worth it.”

“Oh, but he is,” responded John furiously.

“John, just put the laser down, and everything will be alright.”

“I should waste this sorry excuse for human being right here!” shouted John.

“It’s not worth it,” replied, “just put the laser down.”

Finally, John let his aim down and turned around to hug Teren. They embraced each other for a few seconds in which time Shawn Carter had regained consciousness. Lying on the floor in a pool of blood, Mr. Carter reached and picked up his laser. He then shakily raised his arm and pointed the gun at Teren and John. In a split second, John let go of Teren, turned around, and blasted Mr. Carter with several laser blasts to the chest. It was finally over.

“Now it’s over,” said Teren, “once and for all.”


© 2003 by the author

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