“A single whisper?”

Paula S. Bogart

All rights reserved by the author





The beginning. What does the beginning mean? The start of it all? It is reverse of everything that we see, hear, smell and touch. If you were to take everything that we are and break it down to its smallest increments, you would find what we are looking for. We are always searching for the answers that are beyond our grasps and the questions that have no true answers. We see the larger picture but fail to see the whole idea, always paying attention to the smallest detail that will lead us nowhere. What is the Universe?

            It started with silence, quieter than the longest night on a baron frozen river. The deadly silence pulsated everywhere, there was no escape. Nothing moved, nothing whispered, it was as if the void was silenced by its emptiness. How long this silence may have lasted is a tightly held secret kept within the bowls of the void. A secret only to be told during the next war, the next awakening of the sound.

The two bothers rise to head back to the cabin. The calm river flows along the banks with easy as the boys walk through the darkness of the last quarter moon. The river is so peaceful and steady. It never stops, even for the worst things that happen in life.

It started with a Bang. The void lost its grip on the silence. One small atom exploded in the center of an immense baron world of darkness. The sound traveled with the tearing and ripping expansion of the void. The wave pushed and pulled struggling for another inch in every direction. The void contracted again to suffocate the sound. The contraction was hot and fiery. A single hydrogen atom was created. The force of the energy of the explosion pushed again, stretching the void out again, reaching for life. The void contracted again only to add fuel to the fire. The primeval atom burst into a fire ball of flames and scorching temperatures. The sound had taken over and then silence rained again on the violence. The fire ball cooked and steamed condensing itself into the soup of life. The void was a harvest ground for the soup to prey. More it said, more.

“Professor? I have a question? Please could you go over that again?” Sarah shouted as the class bustled to pack up their belongings. Professor Thales was quick, despite his growing age, to leave the classroom before the students had left. His long white beard swayed with his haste only barely avoiding the grasp of his wrinkled hands on his research books.

“Trying to ask him questions is like trying to teach a snake to be nice. You can’t talk to him; he just lectures and requires you to answer your own questions. He has been like that for years. No one can explain it. He seems as if he is in his own world. Some other Professors say that he isn’t right in the head if you know what I mean. All I know is that he knows what he is talking about and there is nothing else I need. Oh by the way my name is Tom.” Tom juggled his text books in his arms to shake hands with Sarah who remained still staring at the abandoned lecture room.

“But he can’t do that, I didn’t understand a word he said.” Sarah protested with a jaw still dropped in disbelief.

“Well welcome to the world of science. You can be thankful at least that his first language is English. We have some Russians in the physics department make this guy seem like nothing.” The pair continued to leave the room walking down the stone steps, out onto the sunny pathway ahead of them.

The soup cooks and steams itself over and over. The matter inside is sautéed to the right temperature for breeding. The matter is compressed further by the sound. A second explosion is heard, the matter is spreading. The matter begins to present its own show of lights throughout the void. Filling up the space with its hunger to expand. The temperature cools slowly over the expansion, only a few degrees. The center is warm with motion, pulsing out its waves of energy to the, now distant matter. The ylem is warm and full of energy producing photons and neutrons in every direction. The small particles are viruses that multiply across the ailing void. These particles turn to deuterium and then tritium until helium is created. The particles grow strength as then conquer the depths of the void, infecting with their energies and mass. The void is rendered powerless against this new virus. But time has begun; the fourth dimension has opened its wings for first flight. The void is waiting, waiting for time to deteriorate, for time to reach its limit.

“There will be an exam next week on the theories and experiments of the scientists that we have gone over in this chapter. Be able to complete the mathematical equations for at least three of the experiments and the theories must be explained in full detail. Good day.” Professor Thales ended abruptly leaving the class room with the same hast that he used anywhere he trod his age worn feet.

“How you doing?” Tom inquired as Sarah lifted herself out of her seat to head to the library for research.

“Well I could use a new brain that will understand all this stuff. I don’t get it. I thought I would love this stuff but I just don’t seem to understand any of this. I need help but I can’t seem to find where I can get that help.” Sarah confessed to Tom with a hand full of books.

“They never said it was going to be easy but I found out some more information about your favorite professor. I over heard my chem. Professor say that he stays in this cabin neat the river. He lives there. You would think that he could afford something a little bigger. She said that he never talks to the faculty and the University only keeps him around because of the research he did ten to 15 years ago. They say that he worked alone in the lab for five years straight. His only consultants were the books that he imported from around the world. Weird don’t you think. Amazing the people you can meet here. Hey you want to go to the dinning hall and get something to eat?”

“No thanks I need to head to the library, maybe I will see you around.” Sarah finished her sentence hastily to avoid the disappointed look from Tom. Her only concern was how she was to get through the semester without losing her mind. Sarah’s pace quickened with the broadened work load awaiting her at the library. So many theories, so little answers. Thinking to herself, “How can she possible study the future if her nose was stuck in the past of theories that were never truly proven? What am I to do? This is not undergraduate work; if I can’t compete I will never be able to research my own questions I will never know…”


Sarah, trapped in her thoughts, had forgotten her surroundings and managed to walk straight into Professor Thales who had been standing in a tall window with the sun shining down on his face. He had seemed to be in deep thought before Sarah had run into him completely.

“Oh Professor I am so sorry, forgive me, please!” Sarah had been startled with the presence of the Professor. Her books and papers had been scattered all over the stone floor of the hall.

“Sarah Wells, is that correct?” Sarah froze with the calmness with which Professor Thales had spoken her name.

“Y-Yes, Professor, I am in your class on scientific theory and evolution.” Sarah stammered.

“Yes, yes. Well good day.” Professor Thales spoke with a certain attained roughness to his voice, started to descend the stair case at the end of the hall.
            “Wait…professor!” But he has quickened his pace and was no where in sight.


The night had fallen over campus. One by one the path lamps illuminated as students scurried off to dinner to get a full meal before the night’s journey through notes and papers. The sky shown clear and crystal above the lighted lamps of the campus paths. The scent of the fall has augmented its ferment from day to day and this night was nothing less than that. There is a feeling of sereness that happens when you look up at the vast world above you. So many stars! To think about the time and space that was compiled to understand these white dots on the edges of our world.

Sarah spent most of her time look up. That was why she was here, she was determined to understand the unknown, and she was not about to let no Professor Thales stand in her way. As she crossed the path of to the library, she felt as if the sky had grown larger. Or perhaps smaller. She remembered what it was like to star at the stars as a child and everything at that moment seemed so much larger. She hesitated before entering into the brightly lit doors of the library which as filled with anxious students at their studies. She took on last look at the big dipper and noticed something missing. Or maybe it was the light from the building. Another look at the entire sky and Sarah could have sworn that there were more stars out usually. Thinking it was a figment of her imagination she turned to enter the realm of books.

“Ok 1:00 am. I will be alright…no I should go…but one more chapter…” Sarah fell to sleep as she lowered her head to her book about the Greeks and their new “ether”.

The atoms are taking over the void. More and more are forming. The birth of the stars has begun. The birth is violent in nature as the temperatures rise yet again in a bed of carbon monoxide that acts as the nursery of so many stars. The atoms combine and evolve through the fiery of the intense catastrophic contraction and combination of elements. The matter of the star becomes denser from moment to moment as atoms become heavier. The evolution of heavier elements continues through the life of the star. Once the star is born other stars follow and then a galaxy. Soon the escalation becomes exponential, climbing at an alarming rate. With each atom, molecule and star other particles are created. These particles can not be seen or weighed. They do not emit or absorb light. The particles are released into the void as if to protect the universe from the power of the void. The power to hold the matter to the void is the work of the particles. A substance that has no mass or energy holds a gravitational force on the matter of the stars and galaxies. Gluing the universe to its place. The force increases with the mass of the object it is protecting from the void. Ironic the workings of power or a force. Greed will destroy all!!

“Miss…Miss you are not permitted to sleep here. This is a library. Please pick up your things that library is about to close.” The librarian shook Sarah so that she might hear what she was telling Sarah.

With a realization of where she was Sarah packed her books and left without a word due to her embarrassment. The night had become colder with the pass of the hours. Sarah wanted only to get back to her warm bed when she saw a light. She looked over at the science lab building and was surprised to find a solitary light shinning out into the darkness. With a rush to the window a body appeared and the window creaked open as if the person were too weak to turn the hinge.

“You…Sarah Wells, come up here at once. I need your ears!” Shouted Professor Thales from the lab window with a hint of whisper trying not to wake the entire campus.

Sarah rushed to the lab room without a single thought. She reached the room to find the instruments in a complete mess in the middle of the room. It looked as if the room had been ransacked by a thief.

“Now step over here. Puts these on…don’t be afraid, I need you to listen to this.” Thales lifted a set of ear phones to her dark brown head with excited anticipation. “Now, you have heard quasars and pulsars, correct?”

“Yes of course I studied those radio waves for my senior thesis at Harvard. The radio noise is that of hydrogen which illustrates the presence of young galaxies. And the pulsars are signals from neutron stars, but I don’t understand…”

“Quiet girl! I read your thesis I know what you know. Now listen, you can hear both of them but there is something else…lower in pitch, a dark sound.”

Sarah placed the headphones to her ears. The familiar sounds of the quasars and pulsars pounded her ear drums. The hours that she had spent trying to find patterns and deviations in the radio waves. And then she heard it. The sound that she had only heard once before, a lower pitched sound that made her skin crawl down from her head to her toes. The sound pulsed again except this time louder, the repetition continued for another second and died away.

Thales eyes widened as Sarah removed the earphones,” Did you hear it? Was it there?”

“Yes. Professor I have heard this before. I hypothesized that it was a deviation in the wavelength of the death of a neutron star.”

“AHHHH!!! Oh I have found it! HAHA and they said it couldn’t be done!” Thales danced around the room with a youthful bounce as if he his age had reversed itself for the first time in years. The color in his eyes brightened for a half second during the dance as if he had never aged at all. “He he, I have done it, Will would be so proud of this find! It is time to leave and see the show!” The Professor was clearly out of breath at this point. “And you must come with me and see the discovery that you have assisted me with.”

“But Professor I don’t understand, I have class tomorrow I can’t just get up and leave…”

“There will be no tomorrow, Sarah,” the dancing stopped and the room fell to the eerie silence, the silence of the void.

The galaxy has become filled with this Dark Matter. There is not a celestial body that is not enwrapped with this substance. The Universe has evolved and aged, it produces its own sounds throughout the galaxies. A new pulse is heard, but ever so quietly, just once at first and then it gains energy. The pulse sounds again but twice this time, the pace quickens. Over and over the pulse is heard; the heart beats faster and faster as the adrenaline is pumped throughout the body of the Universe. The dark matter is evolving, it is gaining life, it is breathing.

Sarah followed that Professor back to this cabin which she believed to be his home. She had nothing to believe yet she believed it all. The night sky still shone brightly despite the hours that were growing early. This was very strange for the sun to be climbing the distant horizon at any minute and now it was black as the emptiness itself. The cabin was cleverly placed along the River bed overlooking the horizon and the flowing current. A feeling of a conclusion was spreading over Sarah as if the answer were so simple and complete that there was no need to speak.

The two walked a path to a spot that was raised slightly to view the canopy of stars above. Both stood with their heads raised looking, searching for one more sign of proof. Then it happened again, again, and again, the stars were disappearing one by one from the early morning sky. Sarah could not speak the fear that was pitied in her stomach increased to a deadly level. Her hands shook with awe until the Professor placed a small book into her side.

“I don’t have time to explain, but have no fear. I knew all this to be true. You need to realize that you are nothing but a ripple in the turbulent storm that has risen up above. Good Day, my dear.” The Professor shook her hand and left Sarah to decipher the last words of Thales.

And then life carried on. The evolution continued for what seemed like forever. The war slowed and the void became dormant.  Time working hand in hand with the matter quickened of slowed with its request. So much time has pasted between now and that first battle, that the moments mold themselves together.

Humans were born, another cooking of elements in the cauldron of life. Man developed into intelligence and power. Man became a mad man. He would not stop until the power was his. He beat and murdered, he killed for his sake. He fought himself for power, to find that that power would die with his ashes.

Two brothers walked the path to the same spot on the hill by the River to fall into the heavy grass to watch those eternal stars. On that day both brothers saw the truth, the capture of the light of a star. Both knew what was to happen, both had the gift. One brother to die for life and another to live for the truth. The man strangled that life of one and this pushed the other for another answer. Both knew the fault of man and the insignificance of his life to the whole idea. One chose life, the other chose proof of the end of life.

Time begins to speed up as the power struggle heightens in the universe. The dark matter breathes stronger with every body it folds into its grasp. The universe has lost control of its power to restrain the dark matter. It sweeps over all that is present, galaxy to galaxy, out stretching its arms for a tighter grasp. Time has quickened even further to help the dark matter move faster and faster, “more must have MORE!”

The dark matter has reached the Milky Way. Humans have remained unaware of the missing bodies in their heavens. They are blinded by their emotions to the one power that will destroy them all. The dark matter has crept up on earth with the only warning but the whisper of breathe on the heavens. It lurks in the distance inching its way forward toward the bright blue and white planet. It has taken the sun which as darkened the moon on this night. There will be no sunrise on this day, for it is the last night. The dark matter will consume the last visible star from the sky just as humans awake from their peaceful slumber. The earth will be consumed and life as we know it will end.

The great Greek Thales once asked, “What is the universe?” He was the first to ask this question and I will be the first to know the answer. I plunge myself into the depths of the river, to flow with current on my back and my eyes on the void. I have seen this before and will see it again. In life I was two but now I am one. The matter will consume all that is alive and all that is real. The gravitational pull will bring a swarming of objects flying to the center. It is happening again just as it has so many other times. The void has taken the offensive and is ready to fight with the dark matter at its side. The matter is condensed further and further towards the center. The void will empty with its destruction. But matter can not be destroyed and the cycle will continue again. The war will continue because power is never true.

As you may be in total disbelief at this point it is ok. I have chosen you because you have heard the whisper. You may understand the truth. The next time I will chose another person to hear whisper, so that they may know the truth. We are the insignificant, we have no need to seek power, we are surrounded by constant power. The silence will come and then…


We will begin again but only with one more person with the truth. Watch the sky, the most brilliant sight will hold your death…or should we say our continued beginning.


© 2003 by the author

All rights reserved