Cyber War

Paul Moncrieffe Jr.

All rights reserved by the author



The sun shined brilliantly as Craig took his first step on free soil in ten years.  With a bag in one had and 500 hundred dollars in the other, he was alone but happy.  “Where do I go from here?” Craig said, as he began walking down the seemingly endless road, there seem to be nothing but pavement and dirt for miles.  “255 miles to White Haven,” a road sign read up ahead.  “Hmm I’ve heard of White Haven; never been there before, but I guess that’s where I’m going now.”  Craig said to himself.  As Craig walked down the hot pavement he heard the roaring sounds of an engine approaching him from behind.  He immediately stuck his thumb out, not know if the driver would even care to pick a hitchhiker five miles from a prison.  “Shit, figures,” said Craig, as the truck bellowed by.  “Wait…yah! That’s what I’m talking about.”  Craig sighed with relief as the brake lights to the truck beam on.  “Where ya headed, well there’s only one place to be headed to, hop in.”  The truck driver said.  As Craig stepped up into the truck his eyes opened with astonishment.  Digital read outs, there was a series of lab tops lining the dashboard.  “Holy Hell” Craig shouted.  “Nice isn’t it” said the truck driver.  “Hey do you mind pulling up for me please” asked the truck driver. “Sorry, no can do.” Said Craig, “why’s that” asked the truck driver.  “Well, you know that prison you passed not so far back; yea well that’s where I’m coming from; just got my freedom back and I don’t plan on getting it taken away again. Ever!”  The truck driver seemed a bit confused.  “I don’t understand how going to a web site will put you back in prison” the truck driver said. “Ok, I was lock up for hacking into top secret government files and leaking them to the public; I revealed government scandals that lead back to the late 20th century; now one of my penalties given to me from the judge is that I’m not allowed to even touch a computer; Hell if we got pulled over right now, with all the shit in the truck I’d never see the light of day again.”  “Hmmm…I see, well from the way its looks you’re fucked; nowhere else to go, all alone, almost everything is done by computers now a days. The Internet has become a world with in itself and with that a whole separate economy has evolved, putting a lot of none wired businesses out of business. For instance groceries store, not all, but most have either left that business or has join with some Internet business.  “Hey Craig, would you mind doing me a small favor…just go into the back and get the basket of fruit I’m kind of hungry.” “OK no problem” said Craig.” As Craig walk into the back portion of the truck he noticed some of the cargo, there was boxes everywhere with the label “Black Hat” on them.  Craig was now sitting in his seat with the basket in his lap.  “Can you look in there and get me an apple”, said the truck driver. As Craig looked through the basket the truck driver reach into his side pouch and slowly took out a syringe, then instantly stuck into the back of Craig’s neck.

 As Craig awoke he found himself in a small room painted black, he couldn’t remember what had happen nether did he know where he was. In the room there was a small desk with a lab top sitting on it.  Suddenly the door open, “come with me,” said a deep course voice. The voice came from a man, about the size of Craig but with a bit more muscle, but what made this man even more intimidating was the fact that he was old a fairly large pistol in his hand.

 As Craig followed the man down a corridor he began to remember what had happen to him on the truck.  “Where am I?” Craig asked, “you’ll find out soon enough, just keep quiet.” The man said. They entered a fairly big room. Inside the walls were lined with computers, there had to be at least twenty computers lining each wall each machine was occupied with a person typing away and relaying message to each other through headphone. The sound of their fingers hitting the keys was like a 100 woodpeckers hard at work. In the center was a chair with a triple screen display; it looked like some type of computer system. The back of the chair read, Cyprus, the name had rung a bell in Craig’s head.  “Sir…he’s here.”  “Good...good,” the chair slowly turned and a small man appeared he had to be no more than 5’5” in height his voice sound like that of a puny mouse.  “Of course” Craig said “I know who you are, Cyprus…you were laughed at by society when you said you knew a way to make computer repair themselves of viruses, worm, and other harmful tools.”  “Ah yes the mighty IceKng, I’ve been waiting for you.”  “I haven’t been called that in a very long time” Craig said.  “I have been watching you for a long time now” Cyprus said, “well that couldn’t have been to hard I’ve been in jail for the past ten years” Craig said, “I have a proposition from IceKng.” “I’m listening,” “Well, a lot has happened since you’ve been behind bars.

 Do you remember the reason why you went to jail?” “What kind of fucking question is that” Craig was becoming aggravated. “Where are you going with this?” Craig continued, “patients my friend, patients… just listen, those top secret government files you leaked, well someone followed in your footsteps and finished what you started and revealed to the world that the government was planning on taking the power away from the people and taking total control, but one thing they were not able to control was cyber space. I formed a resistance group located here, underground were we couldn’t be found. 

There is a constant war being fought, but this is not a war with guns and bullets this is a war with the computer.”  “OK, but what do you want with me, I just got out of prison, I can’t help you in anyway and I really don’t want to return to prison.” Craig said, “Ice, Ice, Ice I don’t think you understand me here. What I need is you your skills, your intelligence and your experience. Before you went away you were the most well-known and feared hacker surfing the web. You had government agencies shitting their pants. I know that it's still in you, the hate, and the will to hack. You see me and you and all of the people in this room are different from normal people. We don’t fold to the bullshit they put out there and now you and I have the chance to take back what’s ours, to take back our right, our pride and our freedom.  “Explain to me your plan and what exactly this war is over” Craig said.  “It’s simple everyone here has been outlawed, that is the reason for us being underground like this.  We do have people we know on the outside who supply us with the necessary supplies needed for our war and our survival.  Do you remember the truck driver who picked you up, how many people you think would pick up a man walking five miles away from a federal prison?  That man was one of our outside informants.  See, if any of us were to return to the surface we would be killed if spotted by the wrong people.  Down here we are safe.  Now, if we can control cyber space we could then begin to influence the civilian population to help us overthrow the government.  Where you come into the picture is right by my side.  I want you to help me develop what I tried to develop eleven years ago.  I think with your help we can create the fist program that will enable a computer to repair itself from any type of attack that exists.  What do ya say? “OK I’ll do it!  Craig said confidently, “Let’s get these bastards.”

Over the next couple of weeks IceKng and Cyprus worked endlessly day and night.  Till one day Icekng open the door to his room with the smile of a victor oh his face.  “I’ve done it!” Craig shouted, in his hand he held a disc.  As he walked down the corridor to the central room, he remembers his first walk down this same hallway. He remembered how back then he was alone in the world in no place to go.  Now he found himself walking down this hallway feeling like he was home. He finally realized his place, which was right where he was.

“I’ve got it” Craig shouted once again as ran into the room.  Cyprus’s chair flung around with him nearly falling out it.  “I can’t believe, you genius you, how does it work.”  Cyprus said.  “Well it’s fairly simple, I determined that it would be impossible with the existing technology available to create a program that would fulfill our initial vision of computer protection.  So what I focused was being able to recover for any type of problem as fast as possible. Its called ROC recovery-oriented computing and it focuses on pinpointing out single problems instead of classifying a problem with a whole system. By doing this, my program is able to pinpoint the problem and fix that individual problem creating a speedy recovery.  I also developed a 1028 bit encryption code so those government techies would have to be the best of the best to even glace at our network.”  “Brilliance” Cyprus said. “Lets get these machines loaded as fast as possible,” he continued. 

For the next couple months the two hackers found with all their might, injecting one virus after another slowly defeating the government. The government ha no clue what hit them.  Soon the Black Hats where able to fully infiltrate the governments networks.  The next big step was to get the people to understand fully about the war that had been going on. Soon IceKng and Cyprus were able to build their resistance group from thousands to millions.  After being in prison for so long IceKng had been lonely for so long, but he know found his place, leading a nation of rebels.  After the war had ended with the jailing of certain government officials. IceKng lived alone on the shore of the east coast.

The End

© 2003 by the author

All rights reserved