Matt Maynard

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May 26, 2015


            The remaining members of the UN Security Counsel looked at the one person in the room who did not have his hand raised.  Once upon a time votes were taken in a much more anonymous fashion but after the UN building was destroyed in the second largest nuclear blast of the war, raising of the arms was the most efficient way left.  The representative from Canada leaned in towards the man and whispered, “This vote must be unanimous, and it is the only way!”    The man looked around the room at the looks of disgust he was getting.  After several minutes his shoulders slumped and under his breath he whispered “And thus I condemn Humanity.”  All arms were in the air.


February 14, 2016


            The Doctor walked into the operating room.  “Is the patient prepped?” he asked the nurse as he surveyed the bare surface of the patient’s cerebrum.  Before the nurse could answer his first question, he asked another, in a much quieter voice.  “Do they really think this is going to work?” as he looked towards the three shadowy figures standing in the observatory, ready to watch the first implantation.  The first of millions.




August 24, 2216 -7:00 a.m.


            Mark Wade surveyed the sunrise.  He could tell the way there were storm clouds on the horizon that it was going to be a stormy day.  He knew he would have to hurry to beat the storm because it was against the law to drive during a thunderstorm.  Other than that simple observation he felt absolutely nothing towards what anyone from the twenty first century would have called the most beautiful sunrise ever. 

            Wade walked over to his closet and routinely pulled out a shirt and tie of the twenty or so identical sets.  Today was a big day for Mark Wade because he had received a summons ordering him to report to the local Evaluation Center for Peer Review.  Once upon a time this would have been called going to court for committing a crime but in the twenty third century no one felt remorse over committing a crime let alone worry about the trial.  In fact people in the twenty third century did not feel anything thanks to a cybernetic implant in their brain.  However, Mark Wade did not know about any microchip or that he did not have something called emotions, nor did he care.  Mark only had one thing on his mind at the moment and that was the current events at hand. 

            Mark Wade now surveyed himself in the mirror.  He did not do this because of any sense of pride or vanity but because the government had very strict dress codes.  The man the stared back at him from the mirror was about thirty years of age.  He had short black hair, blue eyes and a fairly muscular build.  Once upon a time, he would have whispered about by other women as being one “hunk of a man”, but now he was no different than any other man approved for procreation.

            Satisfied with what he saw, Mark pulled on his jacket and began the long climb to the roof to his hovercar.



August 24, 2216 -9:00 a.m.


            Mark Wade stood in the center of the room staring at his five peers.  The balding man who sat in the middle of the table opposite Mark spoke without any sense of warmth.

“Do you understand why you are here?” he asked.  There was a flash of lightning outside as the rain continued to relentlessly come down.

After no response he continued, “A man of your caliber should have found a mate by now, Mr. Wade.  Are you aware that it becomes a felony if you do not find a permanent mate by age of thirty?” 

As Mark opened his mouth to respond there was a deafening bang that for everyone in the room was followed by unending darkness.



August 24, 2216 -11:00 p.m.


         Mark awoke with a start.  He looked around at the rubble that was left of the fifth story room.  His head had been cradled by what looked like one of a hundred identical pieces of rock and his clothes were soaked from the torrential rains that were pouring in through the broken windows.  As he began to check the five other comatose bodies, Mark began to feel this odd sensation in the pit of his stomach and noticed that his heart rate was increasing.  He also became suddenly aware of alone he was, his five peers were comatose and the ceiling over the only exit was caved in.  Mark began frantically shaking the five reviewers in the hopes of waking them.  One by one all of the reviewers awoke; all awoke very violently with gasps of exclamation which puzzled Mark greatly because he had never seen such reactions. 

            The head reviewer who had been questioning Mark, Hector MacDonald, was the first of the group to actually voice his concerns about these newfound sensations.  “Does any one else feel abnormal?”  he asked.

            One by one all other five heads including Mark’s began to bob up and down.

            Suddenly one of the reviewers caught Mark’s attention in the most peculiar manner.  Mark tried his best to just think of her as a woman but for some reason he felt movement that he had never experienced in the presence of a clothed woman.

            “Mr. MacDonald, what does it all mean?”  she asked in a shaky voice. 

            It was a simple question but for some reason it affected Mark in the oddest fashion.  He suddenly wanted to rush over to her and hold her in his arms and tell her it would all be ok.  It was also then that he realized that he had not only been staring intently at her face, but how her damp clothes clung to the curvature of her body.

            “I don’t know Veronica.” Said hector but then quietly he added “It’s almost as if the chips have failed…”  This puzzled Mark because he had no idea what this meant, but Hector confused him even more when he mumbled in a shaky voice under his breath,  so only Mark could have heard him, “…emotions…”



August 25, 22165:00 a.m.


            Those six hours were the longest of Mark Wade’s life.  All he remembered were snapshots of the three peers weeping softly in various locations throughout the room, Hector pacing back and forth, and Veronica seeking comfort in his arms.  But he remembered Veronica the most.  The smell of her brown curly hair sent shivers down his spine as she wept softly into his shoulder.  It was during these six hours that he realized that he had found his permanent mate.  He couldn’t really explain it but he wanted to be with this woman more than anything he has ever wanted.



August 25, 2216 -9:00 a.m.


            Mark woke with a start when he realized the rain had stopped and someone was digging through the rubble at the door.  Within minutes a digging team burst through, and when they saw the looks on the Peers’ faces instantly called for the medics fore they feared that they had all gone mad.   Just by looking at them, the medics were able to tell what happened.  The Peers and Mark were all ushered out with a medical personal on each side. 


August 25, 2216 -10:00 p.m.


            Mark once again woke with a start but this time instead of being in a rubble strewn building he was in the recover ward of a San Francisco Hospital.  This time there were no queer feelings in the pit of his stomach, nor any abnormal heart rate.  He was back to “normal”.    It was while laying there that he decided that he was going to make it a personal goal to find out exactly happened to him and the others.


August 30, 2216 -11:30 a.m.


            Mark was scanning a page in a journal that he just happened to find in a stack of old library books.  He had to do this quickly because he had a lunch date with his permanent mate, Veronica, in a half hour.  Mark had been searching the library for a week to find out what emotions were and why they affected him.  In his search he learned that emotions were intense feelings felt by people.  His search then became attuned to why he didn’t experience emotions.  That eventually led him to this two hundred year old journal of a Ronald O’Leary.  The page Mark was reading described a dark day in May.

                                    “…only a few months since the War ended but, I can understand their wanting to prevent such a disaster from occurring again. But to propose such a drastic change!  Taking away humanity’s emotions would be to take away one of the great things that makes us human!  Hopefully this would end everything bad with humanity, but what the world leaders in their infinite hysteria fail to realize is that it will end everything with humanity, good and bad.  And I know that we do owe a debt of gratitude towards America for without them all of the world’s populations would have been lost… but I do not feel that that debt includes lying down and allowing humanity to cease to exist as we know it!  I apparently am the only one who holds this position however, because I was the sole person who attempted to fight this.  I held the vote for several days but tonight I caved.  What could a lowly representative from Ireland do against the Great War Hero?   In approximately four years all of humanity will be nothing more than emotionless drones who must avoid thunderstorms like the plague.  I can only pray that future generations forgive me for my weakness…”



August 30, 2216 -1:30p.m.

            The ride to the restaurant was very long for Mark.  His mind was racing, trying to encompass everything that he had just read.  According to that long forgotten politician, he was not human, nor was any other member of his race.  Any other person on the planet at that instant would have said that that forgotten politician was forgotten for a reason, but not Mark.  He agreed with O’Leary because he remembered how that night he had felt things, he had felt alive.  But now, Mark felt nothing but echoes of feelings from what he remembered.  Mark knew that he must live again, but to do that he would have to do the unthinkable.  Deep down, Mark knew the unthinkable, no matter what the out come was, would be worth even a few hours of being part of the human race one more time.


August 30, 2216 -2:30p.m.

            “You’re late” droned Veronica.

            “Sorry, I was doing research.”  Replied Mark in the same heartless voice.  But deep down inside he wanted nothing more than to have that attraction for Veronica that he had felt in that Peer Review room. 

“Lets go for a ride.  I am not very hungry.”  He said to her as he lifted her gently from her chair.  

“Where are we going?” asked Veronica.

            “That way” Answered Mark as he looked towards the thunder clouds to East, “And then maybe someplace far away and secluded.”

            Without another word Mark and his mate departed towards a new life.  Filled with beautiful sunrises.


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