The Android Times
Volume 1, Number 1

Published by the students of the FYP 189F: "Do androids dream of electric sheep?"
Jonathan Gottschall and Daniel Koon, Instructor/Editors

Romer College
St. Lawrence University
All rights reserved by the authors

"Thank you Mr. Eros" (flying cars)    Nick Alena
"Variant" (cybernetics)    Suzy Bayard
"A single whisper?" (dark matter)    Paula S. Bogart
"Emily’s Day at the Aquarium" (animal culture)    Natalie Bradfield
"The fountain of youth overflowed" (anti-aging techology)    Meg Burns
"Closing down" (recovery-oriented programming)    Dustin Cidorowich
"The Gemini Project" (parallel universes)    Stephen Ciesla
"Time will tell" (anti-aging technology)    Courtney Connors
"Ayden's Story" ("gecko tape")    Pete DeCarr Jr.
"3030" (nanotechnology)    Zachary Dupray
"Mike Jones MD PhD" (cybernetics)    Benjamin T. Evans
Untitled (black holes)    Mike Hilts
"Solar Romance" (solar sails)    Meghan Howard
"Rivalry's Beginning" (solar sails)    Joe Kurowski
"Double vision" (parallel universes)    Jamie Lomax
Untitled (antibiotic-resistant bacteria)    Jessica Long
Untitled (cybernetics)    Matt Maynard
"A brief history of another time" (nanotechnology)    Nick Mills
"Cyber war" (recovery-oriented programming)    Paul Moncrieffe, Jr.
"A new doll for Harmony" (future space shuttles)    Tim Morse
"Return the favor" (flying cars)    Scott Mosher
"Attack of the plants" (global warming)    Jenny True Parise
"A cup of Joe with the night" (dark matter)    Ryan Prenger
"The killer bacteria" (antibiotic-resistant bacteria)    Jesse S. Remillard
"The dark stumble to the light" (cybernetics)    Lauren Sampson
"Voyage of the H.E.A.R.T." (interstellar ramjet)    Cynthia C. Saul
Untitled (future space shuttles)    Kelly Scott
Untitled (animal culture)    Cassandra Shreves

Cover art Copyright 2003 by D. W. Koon
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