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The following DOS and Windows applications may be copied and distributed (I wish) for personal or non-profit educational use. (Source code available on request) Owing to SLU network difficulties, these links may now be inoperable. If you need help, contact me directly.
Click to reach my software directory, where you can download the software:

Windows software: Written in Borland Delphi
  Data fitting software (SLU Data Grinding Engine):  sludge98.exe
  Display of the 3D electric field near a collection of charges: EM_3D.exe
  J. J. Thomson's plum pudding model of the atom. In 3D: Thomson.exe. In 2D: Thoms2D.exe.
  The Joukowski conformal mapping:  Joukows.exe
  Crystal rotation software:  stereo.exe
  Muon decay simulation: Muon.exe
  Calculating Pi: PIXP.EXE

DOS software: (Written in Pascal. Requires Borland Graphical Interface unit to run.)
Billiard ball relativity:  Billiard.exe
Quantum wave packet collision: Goldbg.exe Free-body diagram on a sawhorse:  Beamer.exe
Free-body diagram on an incline:  Rotinc.exe
Cheap-ass single-tone synthesizer:  Whiner.exe

Microsoft Excel spreadsheet simulations (more to come):
  1D Schrödinger Equation: QM1D_2007.xls
  3D Schrödinger Equation: QM3D_2007.xls
  Various Damped, driven oscillator simulations to be uploaded soon
  Solving the Laplacian in 2D simulations, also to be uploaded soon

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