Countdown -- Axxón 174, June 2007
(Total of 60 stories in the original, each successive story a single word shorter than the last.)
(All translations by Daniel W. Koon from Spanish, unless otherwise noted)

20 - Cold
José Brox
          I love your glacial stare, your milk-white skin, your snowy curls... Pity that the police have come to defrost you.

19 - Automation
Eduardo J. Carletti
          We regret that the current bombing cannot be halted; all System resources are busy attempting to cancel another war.

18 - Oxidant preferred
Jorge De Abreu
          Eager to try new things, the extraterrestrial unfastened its helmet and died of asphyxiation in the CO2 atmosphere.

17 - Transformation
María del Pilar Jorge
          The science fiction story absorbed all my time and all my thoughts... Finally, I became a character.

16 - The day God tripped
Eugenio Barragán
          A spark crackled and the message appeared against the dark background of the universe: System Error.

15 - Ticktock
Carlos Daniel J. Vázquez
          Mr. Ticktock knew how to stop time. He just never learned how to restart it.

14 - Spare part
Miguel Canel
          "Doctor, I finally got those transistors you needed."
          "Too late. I've lost the pulse."

13 - Bad luck
Daniel Argañaraz
          Nobody has ever written a story thirteen words long; it's considered bad luck.

12 - First expedition to Mars
Andrés Diplotti
          We have discovered life. Multicellular, carbon based. Limited mobility. Tasty when grilled.

11 - Come together
José Ángel Álvarez Quiñones
          "Come together!," K'inich called his scattered remains... and together they came.

10 - Mother's Day
Santiago Eximeno
          "Happy Mother's Day," Norman said.
          "Thanks, son," Norman replied, smiling.

09 - The time traveler
José Vicente Ortuño
          ...ran into himself and didn't like what he saw

08 - Resurrection
Miguel Canel
          Welcome to Year of Our Lord (You) 2145.

07 - From our expedition to the dead Earth
Georges Bormand
          Submerged city found. Looks like New York.

06 - Restaurant on Rigel IV
Sergio Gaut vel Hartman
          "Garçon! This human isn't done yet!"

05 - Want Ads
Wayne Enger Smith
          Bigbang to rent. Original boxes.

04 - Universe assistance line
Odin Gottensen
          Dial 463 and hold.

03 - The beginning of the end
Diego Ferruchelli
          "Houston... commencing descent."

02 - Sign found on the gates of a parallel universe
Carmen Perea de Lezcano
          "Don't disturb"

01 - My last anthrophagic, autophagic meal
Claudio A. Amodeo

00 - The day the text-erasing T-bombs fell
Frank Roger (original title in English)

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