Argentine Science Fiction (muy under construction)

  • A history of Science Fiction in Spanish-speaking America: The Continental Scene, Sergio Gaut vel Hartman, translated from La Escena Continental, originally published in Asimov 20 (Sept/Oct 2005).
  • A history of Argentine Science Fiction: Prologue from Historias Futuras: Anthology of Argentine Science Fiction, edited by Adriana Fernández and Edgardo Pígoli, (c) 2000, Emecé Editores S.A., Buenos Aires.
  • Axxon: (Español, with some English content) SF ezine from Argentina Axxón: Monthly Argentine ezine of Science Fiction featuring fiction from around the world. Includes stories from around the world.

Translations: Daniel W. Koon

Ricardo Castrilli
Zip, Axxón 160, March 2006 (Zip, Reprinted in Universe Pathways 4)

Hernán Domínguez Nimo
            Motorhome, Axxón 160, March 2006 (Motor home, Reprinted in Universe Pathways 4)

Sergio Gaut vel Hartmann
            Muñecas Rusas, Axxón 129, August 2003 (Russian Dolls, Reprinted in Universe Pathways 4)

Héctor Horacio Otero
            Felidae, originally published in French in Lunatique 70 (Felidae)

            El Camino de Weescoosa, Axxón 129, August 2003 (The Way of Weescoosa

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