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The Koon files:
Some useful documents from recent courses

Physics 103: College Physics: Syllabus (Fall), (Summer),
      Exam FileLecture Notes (Word format), 
      Lab Syllabus, "Studio" Lab exercises 
Phys/ENVS 107: Energy:  lecture syllabus, more links
Physics 221: Modern Physics: Syllabus, Exam File,
      Lab syllabus
Phys 307: Mechanics:  lecture, lab syllabi
Physics 333: Mathematical Methods of Physics: Syllabus
Physics 482: Advanced Laboratory:
    2002-3: Rayleigh scattering
    2001-2: Impedance spectroscopy of bananas
    1998-9: Iridescent butterflies, Hall weighting functions
    1997-8: Ulexite ("TV rock"), Polar bear hair
    1996-7: Optical upconversion, Fiber-optic sensor
First-Year Program: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Physics 104: College Physics: Syllabus, Exam File
      Lecture Notes (Word format), 
      Lab Syllabus, "Studio" Lab exercises
Physics 152: University Physics Lab
Physics 222: Modern Physics Lab syllabus
Physics 308: Electricity and Magnetism Syllabus,
      lab syllabus, Exam File, Review and Study Guide 
Physics 348: Solid State Physics Syllabus
      Review and Study Guide
First-Year seminar #1: To boldly go: The science and fiction of space travel, time travel, and extraterrestrials"
First-Year seminar #2: Global Science Fiction"

Sabbatical 2000/1:
CICIMA, University of Costa Rica
Photo: Aug. 1999 -- J.Simon
Dr. Daniel W. Koon 
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Phone: (315) 229-5494 
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Mailing address: Dept. of Physics
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