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Daniel W. Koon
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Schedule, Fall, 2018:

Phys 103 A, College Physics, Lecture Section A.
        M+W+F 8:10-9:10.

Phys 103 B, College Physics, Lecture Section B.
        M+W+F 10:30-11:30.

Phys/ENVS 105, Energy.
        M+W+F 2:30-3:30

Where to find me: Office: Bewkes Hall 214 
Phone: (315) 229-5494 
Fax: (315) 229-7421 
Mailing address:     Dept. of Physics
St. Lawrence University 
Canton, NY 13617 
Office Hours: T+Th 9:30-11:30 & 1:30-4:30,
plus by appointment.

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Please check out my very own YouTube channel with cool physics demonstrations

"Interview with Professor Daniel W. Koon", on my recent Fulbright year at the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, in Czech.
"Interview with Daniel W. Koon: A Human Bridge Between Several Worlds," Revista digital miNatura nļ 144 Dossier The Devil, in English, Spanish.

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