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While many investment companies use the testimonial format to show successful investors reaping their rewards and fulfilling narcissistic personal dreams of success, T. Rowe Price pitches its commercials to female investors who despite individual financial success hold on to an ethic of concern.

The strategy T. Rowe Price offers is to reap the benefits of structural inequality and then soothe personal feelings of guilt in the face of the consequences of that same structural inequality by volunteering to help the world's poor. This is essentially George Bush's message. America's power is built upon economic inequality. However, concerns over global inequality can be eliminated by volunteerism.

Yeah, it was amazing
Whole different world
You were a volunteer?
Yeah! I saw a world that wasn't so fortunate, that needed help
In business I see a world full of opportunities
To help me take advantage of those opportunities I invested international funds with T. Rowe Price
I choose them because they work with analysts all over the world.
See I know what a difference being there can actually make.

T.Rowe Price helping people invest with confidence for over 60 years

Culture is background to images of human suffering. The use of traditional stereotypical signifiers of culture such as colorful ritualistic dress give way to the monoculture of poverty. This woman's experience is worn as a badge of credibility. She has been to the dark side and now can give credible testament to her friend of the positive impact of investment by T.Rowe Price.

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