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Blending oversaturated color with hyperreal encoding Akamai offers an aestheticized version of the serial format. Quick cuts of off-centered portraits of both Akamai speakers and beneficiaries construct a dynamic (rapid edits) and fantastic (bright colors) cyberworld. New age music serves as background for Akamai's multi-accentual mantra proclaiming its role in transforming the digital world.

The Internet is faster because of us.
The Internet is more reliable because of us.
The Internet is growing because of us.
The Internet is more exciting because of us.
The Internet goes everywhere because of us.
The Internet is better because of us.
Delivering the most content from the world's biggest network.
Akamai. Delivering a Better Internet

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Akamai celebrates the birth of a new generation. Here aestheticized individualism apparently made possible by Akamai's network is the dominant social formation. It is a world in which stylistically anything goes. Even the traditional (an Indian women in her sari) becomes part of the world of 'cool' as it takes on meaning in the serialized flow of signifiers -- a European woman on a scooter, an African male sitting in front of a flower shop, a dyed red-haired celloist. This application of seriality privileges the individual over the group, the network over the community, and style over substance.

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