Landscapes of Global Capital
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In Fidelity's representation of the globe, latitude and longitude lines provide the scaffolding for Fidelity's investment managers to traverse the planet in search of the highest possible returns.

Siebel02-98 Pitching its software as the magic key to unlock continuous growth on a world-wide scale, Siebel turns the globe into a projection screen for sales pipeline analyses.

Sign Formulas & Branding

Signifying Clusters

Structural Frames

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Looking down upon the partial curvature of the globe against the dark background of Space appears throughout corporate ads as a signifier of global reach and command. The penumbra glow of the sun against the arc edge of the globe suggests an aura of spiritual serenity here, over which Ford Motor Company presides. With its acquisition of 'foreign' car companies such as Volvo and Jaguar, Ford can now lay claim to being a global corporation.

Ford08-99 USABanc01-99
The image above from a new internet bank named USABanc combines the signifier of the earth's contour with that of the halo. The halo has a long history in advertising as a sign of transcendence.

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