Landscapes of Global Capital
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MCI WorldCom, at left, retains continental representations in the form of shadows. Representations of the continents remain necessary here to signify the importance of the telecommunications pathways that now connect and integrate the planet. NASDAQ pushes the abstraction envelope further, eliminating visible representations of continental land masses, and foregrounding the dynamism of electronic circuits and pathways, that can also be said to simulate the pulse of the market.

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Signifying Clusters

Structural Frames

The older mapping coordinates of latitude and longitude as a way of demarcating location on the earth's surface have begun to give way to the circuitry schematics of electronic communication pathways. This representational shift offers an indirect index of deterritorialization. The NASDAQ globe at right continues to utilize latitude and longitude lines as background signifiers of the globe, even though they have been fully abstracted from the location of geographical coordinates. Latitude and longitude have lost their functionality here. They no longer map - rather they now permit us to signify the planet.

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