Landscapes of Global Capital
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Speedy flow
Racing speed
Postmodern pulse

A favorite signifier used by advertisers to signify SPEED is time-lapse photography of highway traffic at night. The technique came of age in a film, "Koyanasquatsi," and his since become a cliched metaphor for the speed of life in modern society. CLICK HERE

The speed of light cannot be signified without referring to the frozen traces left behind by blurred light paths. The blurred 'speed' of streaming light is especially appealing to advertisers because it also offers a metaphor for information flows of in an information economy. It offers an ideal signifier because fiber optics utilize laser beams to carry packets of information

Are there still other sets of meaning attached to this imagery of speed? One set, that we perceive, has to do with meanings about the 'annihilation of space by time" -- about collapsing distance.

Speed--connoting rapid movement through space.

Speed: conquering time & space

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