Landscapes of Global Capital
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In a sign economy branding transforms recognition into value. The advertiser begins by fashioning a connection between two meaning systems -- usually in the form of an equivalency and sometimes by means of implied causation. It is the logo that embodies this association. Advertising in a sense glues the corporation to an intended signified: powerful, caring, flexible, responsive, imaginative, etc. Of course, no sign value can be realized unless it recognized and stamped (validated) by the viewer her/himself. Recognition is a consequence of repitition. Logos are placed everywhere. In sport arenas, on the products we wear, in spaces like Times Square, in every medium. Many decry that there are no non-commodified spaces left. Recognizing a log is only the first step. The viewer must validate it. She must also make an association between logo and signified. The commercials in this study are 30 second narratives or montages that create, refine, and cement this relationship. The logo, the chosen corporate icon, embeds this relationship into visual shorthand.

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