Landscapes of Global Capital
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Abstraction and Deterritorialization
Cultural Geography
The Architecture of Capital

One vision of the coming electronic city is provided by SAP's "city of e" which seems to float over the edge of the planet as a hologram or an apparition (depending on one's theoretical point of view). Upon entering the "city of e," we may perceive that it internally replicates the vertical lines and shapes of the modern city, this time as a self-contained cyber-fortress. This is a city conjured up by computer technologies and clean, ultra-rational, market-like exchanges of goods and commodities. In this way, society is made apparently a better place, driven by the apparatus of efficiency and rationality.


NASDAQ offers another version of the cybercity in which the cybercity is depicted as a product of the computerized world of business and science. This freeze frame captures the overlay of scenes that combines the 'Enter' key on a computer keyboard with an aerial shot of skyscrapers comprising a global, centercity business district.

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