Landscapes of Global Capital
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First Union01-99

Abstraction and Deterritorialization
Cultural Geography
The Architecture of Capital

The 1998 First Union ad campaign, offered, as we have already said, the most carefully articulated link between architecture and the capitalist city. The First Union images are stylistically relentless in this regard, they will not let the viewer forget that the capitalist city is precisely that - a capitalist city. Capital dominates this landscape in its entirety, stretching from one edge of the landscape to its other. Capital exercises complete hegemony - not over alternative socioeconomic systems but over its previous incarnations. Here, the imagery of the corporate capitalist city is emergent - a nascent form which transcends the remains of earlier capitalist cities. This one is, if nothing else, brighter and sunnier than the drab institutional relics of the earlier (inefficient) market economy.

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