Landscapes of Global Capital
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These ads articulate an architecture of capital. Actually, these ads sketch an architectural face of Capital - with the emphasis on appearance and design over structural underpinnings. In this regard, Capital still aligns itself with the iconography of the supermodernist skyscraper and its streamlined vertical lines of ascent.

Capital has, from its inception, advertised itself through its architecture. Like the architecture of all dominant economic classes in history, the architecture of Capital's built environment has been an architecture of power. The backgrounds to the scenes that compose these commercials constitute what Sharon Zukin has referred to as "landscapes of power." At the very least, these ads suggest a globalization of urban form with interchangeable architectural parts, an urban form defined by the architecture of modernism. Indeed, in defining its global power each corporate entity is intent on defining its place, only its place is defined as anyplace, or as James Kunstler has put it, as "the geography of nowhere."

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The Architecture of Capital

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