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While the oldest girl breaks an egg and a younger girl plays with her food. The soundtrack of the cartoon show playing on the television sets a tone for the ad, establishing an emotional feel for the story that is being told. See metacommunication.

The oldest girl calls out: "Mom, I can't find my skates."

A 1997 AT&T ad opens with scenes calculated to evoke the everydayness of home life, bringing forth the feel and texture of real -- unreconstructed and unretouched by the camera -- interactions from that messy area we know as family life. The video of the ad exemplifies Hyperreal Encoding designed to make a case about the realness of the story being told, perhaps even making the case that it bears some resemblance to "your" own life. A woman scrambles to get herself ready to go to the office while her three girls are taking care of their own breakfasts. The oldest is preparing eggs for breakfast, while the baby plays with food containers from the open refrigerator door, and the four-year old disinterestedly spoons her cereal around her bowl, onto the table, and perhaps the floor.

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