Global Currency
Tracking Commodification
...the most elusive commodity of all
Death of Marxism
Restructuring capital scapes
The juggernaut of capital renovation
Just-in-time production
Discipline and punish
Decontextualized labor
The disappearing state
New Centurions
Risk & status
Performance Anxiety
Casino cyborg
The New Organization Man
Time-bind Mom
Executive Dad
The Modern Nomad
The Digital Generation
I Will Not Be a Cog
The Missing World Poor
Portraits of World Poverty
The Architecture of Capital

Representing space

Ad cartography
Global panorama
Decontextualized sunsets
Virtual place
The landscape of microtechnology
The Skyscapes of Capital
Capital's Shrine
Imagined communities
Moral Landscapes
The Post-State Landscape
Singing Japanese
The African imaginary
Cultural Transvestism
Grand narratives

Grand narratives & globalization

Death of grand narratives?

Grand narrative of sign values
Monumental Development
Modernity Goes Everywhere
Investment in the Periphery
Help from Above
Technology Against Poverty
Virtual Colonialism


Flight as a Metaphor of Human Achievement
Forever New Ffrontiers
Signifiers of technoscience
Cornucopia: the promise of biotech
The pharmaceutical fountain of youth
Morphing miracles
Global song of technology
Better things for better living
Technological utopia
Capitalizing on ecology
Mythologizing science
Speed: Conquering Time & Space
Time-Space Compression
Representing time
Speed of capital
Friction-free flow
The speed of daily life
Branding the corporation
Metacommunication and hailing
The montage
The testimonial
The ethnography
The joke
  • Representing space
  • Place vs Space
  • Placeless places
  • Overcoming space, preserving place
  • Cyberspace
  • Organizational space
  • Microchip landscapes
  • Representing capital
    Constructing the new global landscape
    Grand narratives and global representation
    Narratives and representation revisited
    The grand narrative of sign value
    Contradictions of
    Stories of Science & Technology
    Reason & Progress
    Representing the internet era
    The Infolightenment
    Slogans in the Global Information Economy
    Software, Productivity and Competitiveness
    Electronic Markets' Sign Wars