This ad for Round the Clock pantyhose frames the question of female desire in the starkest possible terms of the male gaze. Even the fetish quality of this image testifies to the real power relations implicit in the male gaze. This appearance is indeed for men, and since the product exists for women to secure a male admirer's eye, this slogan is perhaps no less obnoxious than it initially seems, but considerably more honest than most comparable advertising.

Oddly, the blatant assertion of the male gaze can be read as more honest and up-front. Without an image the line, "Pantyhose for men," might easily have elicited snickers about men who dress in women's clothing or perhaps a recollection of Joe Namath. But with the image, the pantyhose again seems determined to impose a heterosexual hegemony around the voyeuristic pleasures afforded the absent male spectator.