Hailing is also referred to as Appellation and the Mode of Address.

What differences do you notice in the way this Max Factor ad hails its viewer and the way in which this Benetton ad hails its viewer?

Appellating Desire?

Appellating Death of Desire?

"Don't you love being a woman?" hails young women about becoming objects of desire, it invites them to imaginatively step into the image and try it on.

In sharp contrast, the Benetton ad featuring the stark architecture of an old electric chair seems to say nothing directly to us. Is there no hailing process here at all? Quite the contrary , we may find that here the mode of address is established by our recognition of the Benetton logo/label. It is this recognition that permits us to try and make sense of the ad, since it defies all our usual rules -- it hails us by metacommunicating a disregard for the usual conventions of consumption.