Advertisements provide a structure which is capable of transforming the language of objects to that of people, and vice versa. (Williamson, 12).

Aviance Perfume Ad

Here is mortise-work with a vengeance. We begin by noting how the mortise establishes its basic metacommunicative assumptions of apposition and equivalence between the frames. Here these relations are reinforced doubly and over, by sharing the same coloring and background streaks of light, aconnection is drawn between the presence of the object with the scene of the subjects. The two frames mirror one another, formally identical by virtue of their markings.

Once again we are confronted with the glamorous display of reification. Its presence seemingly induces "your" actions. It acts, you're along for the ride.

The female object of desire established by the male gaze (the shaved, silky smooth leg wearing nothing but spiked red high heels) is fashioned into its own mortise, to reinforce the commodity (Aviance) mortise.