"So advertisements appellate us as unique; although this uniqueness is a universal one, since the advertisement speaks to an imaginary individual which then becomes us" (Williamson, 1979:53).

Listen to some of the ways that ads hail, or address, their viewer.

CIE is me. And maybe it's you too. Imaginative Soft. Unpredictable...CIE...here to dazzle the free-world of women.

There's nobody else exactly like Me!

There's a new Babe in town. And it's you.

You're hard to keep up with. Sometimes you're restless and reckless and couldn't be sassier...Ritz. The fragrance that's filled with spirit. And expresses yours. Because you'd rather be yourself than anyone else.

This is You:

Admittedly, ads like the latter You panty ad ("The new panty that breathes like you") push the appellation thing a bit far when they name their product after the viewer, trying to completely blur the categories of subject and object so that they become one and the same. Talk about "alreadyness"!