Landscapes of Global Capital
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Sunset over the pyramids
The road to Cairo
Are you ready?
The pharaoh's garage
Traffic jam in the desert
Invest in a camel
Solar powered camel
Bad metaphor
Don't buy this car
The Bedouin of GE

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Structural Frames

What does a camel have to do with Siemens? It's carrying solar panels made by Siemens. Global capital seamlessly blends technology and culture. Solar power in the desert? Makes sense. Ask the next logical question, 'How do we get it there?' Answer. By camel. How else? Advertising images pass by us with such ease that critical distance is a difficult stance. A garage next to the pyramids, a traffic jam in the desert, investing in a camel. Why not a camel transporting solar panels? Using a montage which blends its technology with shots of cultures that still have a visible relationship with the physical environment, Siemens brands itself as a company creating technology that is useful to all of humankind.

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